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Naruse Haruki never believed the concept or idea of the so-called love at first sight. At least, that’s what she thought now. To her, it’s completely absurd and ridiculous – actually – when she remembered her past self that acted that way. Thus, now she felt a tinge of curious – along with annoyance – when most of her friends will talk about love at first sight.

And they are getting totally worked up on this topic.


“Kyaa! Look at his charming smile! My heart’s melting! I’m so in love with him!” Her friend, Mayuri giggled as she flipped through the magazine.

“No way! No freaking way! Satou-kun is way better than him! Plus, he’s an actor too. That’s a total bonus!” Ayame, which is her best companion too, commented.

Haruki can’t hold back the urge of rolling her eyes at that moment. Or maybe she had a wishful thinking hoping that she could hid herself in the library while indulging herself into the world of fictions. But sadly, Haruki neither is a saint, nor a fairy to make that happen.

So instead, she decided to go with the flow. She grabbed one of the stacking magazines that belong to her friends, and she just flipped through the pages slowly.

But nothing really caught her attention though.

I mean, what’s so awesome about looking at these guys?

Slowly, she let out a small sigh, but still audible to her friends’ hearing.

“Haru-kun, are you bored?” Ayame asked innocently, tilting her head slightly.

“Nee, Aya-chan! Let her be! She’s just bored to death. Look at her face.” Her friend, Mayuri chided, glancing at Haruki’s direction.

“But, but! She looks completely uninterested!”

“Hey now! She ain’t called the ‘Ice Prince’ for nothing, you know.” Mayuri commented at her friend’s attitude.

Yes, ‘Ice Prince’. That’s what she was called the moment she enters Hiratsuka High. She was thought as someone’s cold and uncaring because of her tomboyish behaviour and distant personality. Hence, she never really had a group of friends in school.

Mostly, girls will kept their distance from her – saying that she had such cool aura that make everyone feel so insecure and such – but Haruki often thinks that they’re just uncomfortable around her. She was quite tall for a girl around her age and in fact, she was easily called the tallest in her school.

Plus with her straight mid-length that reached just a little longer below her shoulder, along with a piercing gaze, she felt weird by how come a person could pointed out that she looked like a guy.

Not that she mind though.

Maybe a little bizarre, but…

Who cares about it anyways?

Because of that too, she often received confessions from the girls – she was totally mind blown for the first time – but she politely rejected them. Haruki simply not interested in girls… the same goes for boys as well. Haruki simply not interested in love.

“After all, she’s popular with the girls!” Ayame teased, poking her cheeks.

“Yeah, I don’t know whether to be envious or happy for you.” Mayuri smirked, earning a free glare from the Ice Prince.

Mayuri realized that love never been her friend’s interest anymore. But deep inside, under that cold personality, she was truly a lovable person with the people she holds dear. Despite, she knew – she believed – that one day she’ll be able to love someone again. Mayuri remembered, after that ‘incident’, Haruki completely shut the doors to her heart – refusing to let anyone in.

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