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Haruki gaped. 'What the hell is he here?' She thought repeatedly. Kise Ryouta was standing outside her house - more like her parents' — and he was waving like a maniac to her. Haruki felt her body heaved and she found her body unable to walk away from the dazzling boy.

She thought that his presence wasn't a bother to her anymore.

She thought she could face him without any hesitations lingered in her heart.

She thought she had already gotten over him.

 And she did.

But he came back, smiling at her with such sincerity on his face — and it made her doubted her true will and desire. Haruki couldn't find any words to be spoken towards him and there was only one thought occupying her mind.

Then again, why was he there?

She tried to think of other possibilities that made Kise Ryouta came to her home but a sudden realization made her flinched. 'No way,' she thought, 'Impossible, he wouldn't have...' her thoughts trailed off. The flashbacks of today's events replayed in the back of her head. All of a sudden, she felt cold - as if she was left alone in the dark.

And Naruse Haruki never felt such a bad day had come to her in this form.

But it was different for Kise Ryouta.

Every single day, he wished that he will find the girl once more — to make up for all the mistakes he made and the happiness that he took away from her. Meeting her now, felt like a surreal dream and if it truly was, Kise never wanted to wake up again. He would rather be lost — dreaming of their happy times together - in the fantasy that was created by his wishful thinking.

Looking at her bewildered expression, Kise knew she wasn't thinking about all pleasant things about him. In fact, some cussing might be included in it. Kise chuckled softly as he felt her gaze fixed on him. 'She must have remembered everything that happened today.' He thought bitterly, remembering the misfortune that fall upon her.

Luckily he was there.

Luckily he wasn't too late.

Too late for her.

It was his fault that she collapsed — at least he thought it was — and he knew that the girl's fragile heart wasn't ready for the sudden affection after what happened in the past, so he decided he'll wait. He'll be her cure and medications. He'll spent his life proving and making amends for everything he did for the rest of life.

He will bring her back to her feet one day.

Realizing silence was their additional company, he spoke, "I'm glad that you're fine, Harucchi!" He saw shock written on her face and she was trying hard to keep on the mask of anger. "I thought that you're sleep-deprived, but I hope that you'll begin to take care of yourself." He said — a little too cheerfully — as confusion shrouded her.

Just then, he began to walk away without expecting any replies from her. Once again, he walked away from her — just like that day when both hearts were left with destructions that they made for each other.

The only thing that filled their minds was; when did we become nothing from something?


The day after, Haruki went to school with a bored expression plastered to her face. The moment she arrived, her two friends flooded her with thousands questions that mostly involving where she was yesterday and what happened to her.

Haruki sighed. "Nothing happened to me, okay?" She said for the umpteenth time. But they were her friends — because they claimed to know her better than anyone — and they weren't called friends if they didn't have such concerns about her whereabouts and safety.

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