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/ Kise the stalker : and I know you're thinking the same thing too... - sent 00:20 /


Kise stared at his phone the moment he tapped on the 'sent' button. He finally did it. He didn't know what give him the courage to be so bold in his messages but at the very least, he wanted her to know that he was sincere – and that he was trying to make amends for their past. Rolling in his bed, Kise ran his fingers through his silky, blond tresses – a habit since he was a child whenever he felt nervous or frustration.

Blinking in the dark, Kise forced himself to be awake – fighting back the sleepiness as much as he could. After all, what if Harucchi responded to his text? What will she think if he was asleep? A sudden realization hit him hard.

Is Harucchi awake right now to begin with?

He was now frowning. She replied to his messages a while ago and throughout the years of their friendship, he found out that Harucchi doesn't go to bed that early. Usually, she'll stay up late just for some weird reasons – playing her computer games, watching anime, watching some TV shows or reading a book.

Honestly, Harucchi was truly unpredictable.

And, Harucchi was completely different from him. As an athlete – and a model – he went to bed quite early for boys the same age as him. His classmate gave him a puzzled look when Kise told him that he went to bed early once. Kise often wondered whether it was an outlandish habit, so he will tell his worries to her but Harucchi will just shrugged it off and said, "You are who you are, Kise. People's thought shouldn't bother you much."

A rueful smile now played on his lips.

Ever since he met Harucchi, she was the one to be able to see through the real him, accepting him and befriending him with no ulterior motive. Just a single mistake and now, he had lost everything concerning her.

He had lost her trust, her companion and her friendship – something that he had come to cherish and love.

But, he had lost Harucchi.

And he was scared he won't ever get her back.

A thousand of nameless emotions stirred up within his heart.

Clutching his phone close to him, Kise willed himself to close his eyes and dozed off because after all, Harucchi must be asleep now, right?

I hope Harucchi read my message, though.


/ Harucchi () : dammit Kise, don't stalk me baka =.=" - sent 00:47 /


What the hell that was supposed to mean?

Was Kise some sort of a telepathic genius now?

Haruki was about to drop her phone on the floor the moment she read his message – luckily she didn't though. What an absurd thought was what she wanted to say but the words stuck within her. After all, she did exactly as what Kise wrote to her. She was indeed reminiscing about their first meeting over and over again in her head.

Why isn't he asleep right now? That high-pitched voice, basketball baka!

Thanks to him, she wasted more than half an hour staring at the words on her phone's screen. Huffing to herself, she looked at the time and made her way to her bed.

00:46 hrs

Quickly, she typed back her reply and sent it to Kise. Muttering some unintelligible words, she went to sleep and a soft smile tugged on her lips that night.

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