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“Hey, Harucchi! What are you doing?” a voice greeted her. She turned back, smiling while the figure moved closer to sit next to her. “It’s too quiet without you around.” Her companion gave a small pout while crossing his arms. She chuckled softly. “Says the one who keep on rambling about nonsensical stuffs.” She joked.

“Harucchi!” he faked a tear and placed his hand over his heart, acting as it hurt him badly. “Stop that.” She frowned, commenting. “Why so?” he asked, this time turning a little serious than before. He gazed upon the girl sitting next to him while waiting for her reply.

“You know…” she sighed, “It makes me feel damn weird when you – a guy – acting more feminine than me. I think we should swapped gender.” She smirked when she saw the poor boy’s face was painted with shock.

“H-Harucchi!” he whined, “A girl can’t go on saying those kind of things you know!” he said. She raised her brow before asking a single, “Why?”

The boy next to her sighed while shaking his head – a habit he always did whenever the situation he faced was rather hopeless. Looking at his reaction, she spoke, “I don’t see anything wrong with me acting that way.”

“No, Harucchi.” A hand was placed on her shoulder, “It was totally wrong. A girl shouldn’t act that way. Girls are fragile and full of delicacy so…” he continued before she cut him off.

“But that’s the total opposite of me! You can’t expect me to be someone other than myself!” she huffed. “And girls acting that way are too common anyways, and I don’t want to be categorized in the same group as them.”

“Harucchi! You can’t say something like that! Or you’ll never have a boyfriend!” he whined – again – while she gave him a small smirk.

“Yeah, and I bet you can’t never woo a girl with that high-pitched voice of yours.”

“Harucchi! You’re mean!”

“Never say I wasn’t.” she said, while gazing to the view in front of her.

After a short period of silence, they just chose to remain silent. Every time was just this way for them. Hanging out at the school roof after school sessions ended, talk about pointless stuff and silence will always be the wall between them.

It never changed.

And knowing that fact alone, make them smiled at the unspoken comfort they shared together.


The blearing lights hurt her eyes as she tried to open them slowly. She quickly identified her surrounding as the murky shapes that her eyes saw slowly became clearer. Haruki tried to sit up with the help of her arms, but failed.

Her head was spinning and she found comfort knowing she was back at her own room. Suddenly, the door creaked open and she saw an elderly woman entered her room with a cup of warm water along with her some medicines.

“Okaa-san…” her voice sounded really weak, “What happened to me?” she asked at her mother – a frown clearly visible on her face. A look of worry and sadness were reflected on her mother’s eyes and she felt guilty. “I’m sorry.” She said softly.

Her mother held her hands gently before pulling her into a hug. “I’m so worried.” She said, “You collapsed and I thought something bad happened to you!”

Haruki kept quiet. There was nothing much she could say – as it was her own fault for wandering around – and she was not going to run from her mistakes by spouting anymore excuses. Slowly, she tightened her arms around her mother’s waist and rested her head on her shoulder.

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