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She stared at her phone for a moment and decided to open her inbox. Tapping the one which she had not read yet, she realized that it was Kise's messages. Reading through it again, she gave out a small sigh. Part of her hoped that Kise will stop bothering her – which she will guess that it won't ever happen – and at the same time, she was thinking that it wasn't so bad to be bothered by him.

Honestly, it was her own self that she didn't understand.

She was the one who made it more complicated.

Haruki couldn't point out the feelings inside her heart. It felt raw and it was bursting inside her until she couldn't say which one is which. The meetings with Kise again brought back unpleasant memories , yes – but not all of them were that bad either. They were friends, they hang out together and talked about mundane topics everyday. They were close – no, they used to be close.

Despite his basketball practices, he was willing to spend his time with her, and she was grateful for it. She didn't have many friends, but only a few whom she could trust. It was quite a bizarre friendship, one might say – since they were truly the opposite of each other.

But did they care? Not really.

What caused a drift in their friendship? Was the scar caused by him make it impossible for them to continue from where they had left?

She grimaced at the thought of it.

What was she thinking anyway?

As flashback of her memories replayed in her mind, Haruki took a deep breath, thinking – since when they were apart?


Few years ago,

She knew, of course. She always did. The difference between them was too obvious that she thought there was no need to point it out. She was just an ordinary person, standing by the hallway – alone and was never been approached by anyone. But he was different from her. In fact, he was the total opposite of her own personality.

Wherever he went, there must be some students – even teachers, maybe – who stop and stare, admiring him. He was blessed with good looks, limitless talent in sports and somehow still managed to get a fairly good results while modelling at the same time.

Look at him. He was shining so brightly, like a star.

Unlike her whom never been the centre of one's attention.

She thought the admiration will never cross the line, but she was mistaken. She underestimated the power of love itself that when she came to realize – she was totally head over heels for him. Thus, did she turn out being like his other fans?

She wasn't too sure.

Everything was like a blur. If most of them wanted him to be perfect, she didn't wish for it. For her, all she wanted to know was the little things that made him perfect. The tiny bits that people often overlooked – that was what she wanted to know, to see the most. And did that make her sound like a total creeper?

She sighed. Maybe – since she was the one who often staring at his back the moment she had.

But there was a day she'll always remember – the time when their eyes met.

How did it happen anyways?

It was a usual day for her, sketching or doodling in her notebook in the library. Only silence became her companion as school time was over few hours ago. Despite the silence, she didn't mind it. Honestly, the true purpose she came to the library was to find some time alone – despite being lonely most of the time – and library seemed to be the perfect place.

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