Chapter one

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The small girl stood outside of the school building, back to the rest of the student

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The small girl stood outside of the school building, back to the rest of the student. Often watching the nature around her. The beauty of it. The light breeze flowed through her long brunette locks, her striking blue eyes took in all they could of the scenery. She could bet lost at the sight, well maybe if her brother would stop sneaking up on her.

She turned around with a small scream to see her brother and sister smiling.

"Pietro stop scaring me!"

"What, you didn't see that coming?" Pietro had a smug grin plastered on his face as he looked down with his matching blue eyes.

"C'mon you two we better get going, mama will be wanting us home." Wanda was the calmer and responsible of the twins, she was very much like their mother.

Katia usually wondered how them two looked so different to each other, but she looked like both of them, with Pietro's piercing blue eyes and Wanda's dark, thick hair, she was a middle ground

The three walked though the busy market to their apartment building trying to avoid other people scattered around them, each of the twins holding tightly onto their younger sister.


The three arrived home to their mother cooking in the small kitchen and their father awaiting their arrival.

"Papa!" The smallest runs up to her fathers arms as he lifts her off the ground laughing cheerfully.

"How was school you three?" Their mother called from the kitchen

"It was ok, Pietro won the sports race." Wanda looked at here twin proudly, he gave a wide smile as if it was his greatest achievement.

"Well don't we have a little speedster! Now go clean up, dinner will be ready soon." The tall man put the girl down ushering her to the twins.

"Come on Katia, lets go get cleaned up." Wanda grabbed her sisters hand as the three entered the small bathroom, there was barely enough room for the them.


The five of them sat at the dining table eating the food making small conversation for a while. Until loud bangs could be heard from the distance.

"Mama, What's all that noise?" Katia placed her fork down and looked at the mother furrowing her brows in confusion.

Wanda and Pietro shared a look before the brother spoke up. "It's just thunder Kati, nothing to be afraid of."

"If its thunder then where is the lightning? I read a book in school, thunder and lightning always come together." She was smart for an seven year old, way smarter than others in her class.

"You are a smart cookie, little one, but I assure you, it is just thunder." Wanda gave her brother a solemn look, even though she was smart, she didn't understand the war that was going on outside. Katia quickly dropped the conversation and returned back to her food.

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