Chapter 3

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3 days later ~ after Stark's party

Katia stayed away during the party. Not only was it safer but with the loud music, gatherings of people talking and their loud thoughts made her head hurt. She could still hear the thoughts from the spare room, just not their voices as well.

Eventually the numbers died down. The only thoughts she could hear left were the avengers and other people who knew of her existence.

Katia made her way to the elevator and down to the main room catching everyone's attention.

"Hey lightbulb." Tony called slightly tipsy from half way across the room.

"Hey tin can." She chucked while slumping down on the couch next to Natasha. Tony scoffed at the nickname before changing the subject.

"So, Katia, we have been wondering, apart from the file, we actually don't know much about you." Nat turned while taking a swig of beer.

Usually Katia wouldn't trust people to tell them this, but they basically saved her from hydra. The enhanced quickly listened out to everyone's thoughts clarifying that they're not hostile, just curious.

"Ok well for a start, you obviously know I'm enhanced, and that my siblings volunteered them and me for Strucker's experiments."

"Wait how many abilities do you have in total?" Rodney called from his seat.

"I have around ten or eleven overall but most just come under the category of elemental control." The large number made several people sigh in slight shock. "But I count it since every part of the elements was done separately."

"Wait separately? You mean you had eleven different experiments done at a time." Steve questioned.

Katia just nodded.

"She's got wings as well." Nat smiled turning towards the teen. "Care to show us?"

Katia smiled before standing up and walking into the middle of the room. She closed her eyes letting the light flow to her body, enough for her wings to unfold. She opened her eyes as they glowed along with her back. Everyone watched in awe as the large white wings stretched out, they were big, must have a wingspan over 2.5 metres.

"I'm actually going to keep them out for the rest of the night. Keeping them hidden is uncomfortable." Katia chucked before sitting back in her seat and letting her wings wrap around like a blanket. She turned to look at Tony. His thoughts always were spontaneous and amusing.

So turns out she is a flying lightbulb

"Seriously Tony? The best your brain could think of was 'flying lightbulb?'"

Tony shrugged at his lack of imagination before taking a sip from his glass.

"Ok but I want to know how Katia managed to stop the hammer, and divert it back to Thor."

"Yes Lady Natasha I agree with you, how did you manage to stop my hammer?"
Katia shrugged her shoulders. . "I don't know."

"It's a trick." Clint spoke up while twirling drumsticks in his fingers.

"No no its much more than that." Thor chuckled.

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