Chapter 8

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Katia's POV:

We all had our jobs as soon as we landed in Sokovia, it was mine and Wanda's job to evacuate everyone, she would convince them to leave with illusion and I was to alert them hoping that they listen. Which of course they did.

"Pietro, think you can get me to the other side of the city so I can tell the rest?" I said into my earpiece. There was no reply but in seconds my feet were being carried off the ground at an inhumanly speed. I let out a squeal of surprise and look up frowning to see my brother's smirk as he takes us to the opposite side of the city. "What, you didn't see that's coming sister?"

"Next time, warn me." I said while jumping out of his hold and onto the dusty concrete. Contacting every person within my five mile radius was actually a lot easier than I expected, the most I had done before was during trainings Hydra, ten people.

"Katia get back to the group, we have bots incoming." Steves voice rang through my ear as bots shattered the concrete ground like glass. They climbed and surrounded the fleeing civilians. I raised my hands and morphed the metal. The screeching sound hurt my head as the vibranium joints shattered.

"Cap these people are not going to get out in time, I need to get them to the other side with me." I held my hands out letting the darkness surround my feel and the every person around me. The power flowed out of my palms like purple smoke from a flame, rising quickly before revealing me and every civilian on the other side of the city. Wow that took a lot of power.

"Hey Kid, now might be a good time to get them wings out, there a lot flying abound."

"Fine Tony, I'll be up in a second."

I ran over into a quieter corner for directing energy towards my wings. The glowing feathers emerged as I jumped up into the sky, shooting fireballs at any incoming robots. There is a lot better view of everything up here. Wanda's red energy forming a energy shield catches my eye as she attempts to protect a group of civilians, a bot fires causing her shield to collapse and her to fall. "Wanda!"

My feet quickly land on the ground along with my hands, my palms directing green vines wrapped in purple energy towards the machine. The metal ripped sending parts everywhere.

"C'mon Katia we have to get these people off-" Wanda started to speak only to be disturbed by the ground splitting open and rising. I slammed my hands hard into the ground, in attempt to keep it level, the flying city attempts to break though my hold.  I managed to keep a hold of it while listening out, Wanda covering my back and destroying the bots that were trying to stop me.

Every bot around us stopped attacking to signal Ultron's voice. "The beauty of it, the inevitability. You rise, only to fall. You, avengers, you are my meteor, my swift and terrible sword and the earth will crack with the weight of your failure. Purge me from your computers, turn my own flesh against me. It means nothing when the dust settles, the only thing left living in this world, will be metal.

Steve's POV (same time)

Ultron's speech ran through my ears just as the ground slows down its rising, I turn my head to see none other than Katia, her hands in the ground, her body emitting a purple hue along with the whole outer circle. The whole city was being controlled by the teen as she tries desperately to keep it down, and dang she was good at it, the sheer power she possessed, her will to help, it was what we needed to win this battle.  But the city was flying whether or not she was trying, "Kid, save your energy, the city will fly either way. We need too focus on defeating Ultron first."

She pulled her hands out of the ground as the purple around the city disintegrated. Her worn face stared at me as crimson blood dripped from her nose due to the excessive power usage which she wiped off with her sleeve like it was nothing. She stood up and continued to fight along the rest of us. That girl will make an amazing avenger one day.

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