Chapter 11

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Katia's POV:

Me and Steve were the last to arrive in the meeting room, everyone was sat around the table while Secretary Ross was stood at the front. He didn't acknowledge our arrival and started speaking as Steve sat down on an empty chair next to Nat and I took the one opposite next to Wanda.

"Five years ago, I had a heart attack. I dropped right in the middle of my backswing. Turned out it was the best round of my life, because after thirteen hours of surgery and a triple bypass, I found something 40 years in the army never taught me, Perspective. The world owes the avengers an unpayable dept. You have fought for us, protected us, risked your lives, but while a great many people see you as hero's, there are some who would prefer the word vigilantes." He spoke in a calm manner, but in a way that was unforgiving.

"And what word would you use Mr Secretary?" Natasha asked.

"How about dangerous." He said without hesitation. As he spoke, he turned to me. His thoughts clearly stating that I was one of the dangerous ones, his stare made me slightly uncomfortable as I turned my head down towards the table.

"What would you call a group of US based enhanced individuals who routinely ignore sovereign borders and inflict there will wherever they choose and who frankly, seem unconcerned about what they leave behind." I clenched my fists under the table in anger. How dare he claim that we don't care about what happens to the people we leave behind. Before my anger got any worse, Steve gave me a pitying look.

I diverted my attention to the front, a hologram screen showing a world map. "New York." Ross said before showing footage of the destruction that the Chitauri brought. It also showed destruction and rubble falling on top of civilians as the result of Hulk moving from building to building. The hologram changed, "Washington DC." Footage of the three helecarriers shooting at each other played, followed by people screaming and fleeing as they crashed to the ground. "Sokovia." The giant flying city was shown, a ring of Purple hue surrounding it as my power desperately tried to hold it down. The footage changed to show a falling building that likely had civilians underneath. It was hard to watch, my home city being destroyed and taking lives down with it. "Lagos." Just hearing Ross say the name made my breathing hitch, the footage played, it showed me flying as I try to hold in the explosion. I let go and the bomb exploded followed by my body being sent through the concrete wall like a rag doll.  I noticed the change in the room as everyone individually looked away, trying remove the image from their heads. The footage changed, showing people being removed from the scene in body bags, then a girl lying dead on the floor. I turned away from the sight as well as my sister, Steve noticed how uncomfortable we were. "Ok that's enough." He said. I nodded at him in thanks.   

"For the past four years you have operated with unlimited power and no supervision. That is an arrangement that the governments of the world can no longer tolerate, but I think me have a solution. The Sokovia Accords, Approved by 177 countries. It stated that the avengers shall no longer be a private organisation. Instead, they'll operate under the supervision of a United Nations panel, only when and if that panel deems it necessary." The idea of the accords that Secretary Ross was saying was sugar coating what he wants to use to his advantage under the accords, using mine and Wanda's powers for control along with anyone else with 'abilities'

"The avengers were formed to make the world a safer place, I feel we've done that." Steve spoke up, basically speaking what I can tell were all thinking.

"Tell me Captain, do you know where Thor and Banner are right now? If I misplaced a couple of 30 megaton nukes, you can bet there'd be consequences. Compromise, reassurance, thats how the world works. Believe me, this is the middle ground." Ross finished by handing Rhodey the accords allowing him to speak. "So, there are contingencies?"

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