Chapter 12

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3rd person POV:

'At a special United Nations conference, 117 countries have come together to ratify the Sokovia Accords.'

Natasha walked slowly through the UN conference room entrance, her heels tapping the floor. "Excuse me, Ms Romanoff? These people need your signature." A brunette woman holding a group of papers held a pen out to Natasha as she signed. "Thank you." She said before walking off.

"I suppose neither of us is used to the spotlight." A tall man walked over that Natasha recognised as T'Challa, the prince of Wakanda.

"Well, it's not always so flattering." She responded, a polite smile placed on her rose tinted lips. "You seem to be doing all right so far, considering your last trip to Capitol Hill. I wouldn't think you'd be particularly comfortable in this company." He added.

"Well, I'm not." The red headed woman replied, the same smile remained.

"That alone makes me glad you are here, Ms Romanoff."

"Why? You don't approve of all of this?" She questioned. "The accords, yes. The politics, not really. Two people in a room can get more done than a hundred." T'Challa spoke clearly, his head turning slightly at the end as his father walked over to the two of them to answer to his statement. "Unless you are moving a piano. Ms Romanoff." He greeted the woman barely making out a smile.
"King T'Chaka. Please allow me to apologise for what happened in Nigeria."

"Thank you. And thank you for agreeing to all of this. I'm sad to hear that Captain Rogers will not be joining us today."

"Yes, so am I." She agreed, her smile slightly faulting for a mere second.

'If everyone could please be seated, the assembly is now in session.' A voice spoke over the speakers. "That is the future calling." T'Challa smiled while looking at his father who returned the smile before he turned back to Natasha. "Such a pleasure." He said before she walked over to an empty seat in the room for the conference.

"For a man who disapproves of diplomacy, you're getting quite good at it." T'Chaka spoke happily in his native language to his son. "I'm happy, Father." T'Challa replied, the two letting out a small laugh before T'Chaka's expression became serious. "Thank you."
"Thank you." His son replied before starting the assembly speech.

"When stolen Wakandan vibranium was used to make a terrible weapon, we in Wakanda were forced to question our legacy. Those men and woman killed in Nigeria were part of a goodwill mission from a country too long in the shadows. We will not, however, let misfortune drive us back. We will fight it improve the world we wish to join. I am grateful to the avengers for supporting this initiative. Wakanda is proud to extend its hand in peace-"

"Everybody get down!" T'Challa yelled over his father, running towards him in attempt to shield him of the incoming bomb. The room exploded with a loud bang in a mass of fire and shattered glass as T'Challa was thrown across the room and his father disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

When the smoke cleared, Natasha watched in shock and sympathy at the sight of T'Challa cradling his dead father in his arms.


Steve and Sharon Walked through the lobby of a hotel, still wearing their formal attire from the funeral that ended less than hours ago.

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