Chapter 32

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Author's Note: I stopped writing for so long because I was a bit demoralized in terms of what I wanted from my writing. I'm trying to follow a more consistent flow from now on, comments and reviews are much appreciated, they really do help keep me motivated!


Chapter 32

Her feet pattered against the ground with sun rays stretched across her back. Her bare feet left trails of dust in its wake with each step. The leaf threaded cloak she wore flowed unison with the wind. There was no urgency with her run. She traveled like wayward animal, intoxicated by her surroundings as she experienced each breathe of wind that brushed passed her.

A pyramid shaped tombstone waited for her at the center of the forest. She broke through the treeline to slow down at its presence. The wind turned quiet. The tablet was covered with moss, with covered engravings left behind by its descendants. Elpis kneeled down with a smile and said, "hi mom, glad you're still here."

The teenager pulled out white and yellow colored tulips from her satchel. She scattered them in front to cover the tombstone's grass patch. With a deep breathe she said, "things have been well. Well, well for me, but not for Greece... Not that that would've mattered to you. I know you thought I could've been this 'guardian of the hunt' like you were, but that never boded well with me. On the bright side, I'm getting married. And he's quite handsome. You'd have been proud if you got the chance to meet him."

Elpis pulled off her hood to unsheathe her hair. Charcoal colored hair strands swifted across her forehead. A braid crown held it all together, ending with a ponytail stretching back to the level of her neck. She stretched her arms out and said, "mom, I hate to say this, but... You dying is the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm not weighed down anymore. I feel more... Alive than I ever have been. And all it took was for you to die."

Elpis bowed her forehead down to the stone. "I'm sorry for feeling this way, but I can't deny the truth. Regardless, I will still carry on your duties as Charon."

"Wow," a voice from behind her said, "that's the best you can say to her?"

Turning around Elpis saw a toned young man staring back at her with his arms crossed. He was shorter than she was. Slightly more tanned and toned. His black hair was tied back into a simple ponytail as he stepped out of the brushes to move closer to Elpis.

"Hello Thale... And here I thought my baby brother wouldn't miss me."

"Stop calling me that," he said with a venomous voice. He walked to the tombstone and stomped on her tulip offerings. "And quite giving shit to mom. Anything coming from you is fucking disgusting."

Elpis begrudgingly stood up. "Still salty towards me, I see. Tell me Thale, how goes it being a whore boy for Spartan warriors? If you take enough seaman up your ass, are you hoping to absorb some of that warrior boldness?"

Thale rolled back his fist and swung it towards her. Elpis ducked, and smacked his rip and armpit rapidly to push Thale away. She bursted her body into a gust of wind, making Thale fall to the ground clumsily. Upon returning to her normal form, Elpis said, "I see your Spartan training hasn't made much difference."

Thale gritted his teeth, "just you wait. After today, no one will resist Spartan glory."

She raised an eyebrow, "what's that supposed to mean?"

Thale only grinned. His natural green eyes turned hot red, and his body morphed into liquid magma which blasted through the forests clearing. A trail of embers and smoldering ashes were left behind in his wake.

Elpis glanced back at the gravestone, "sorry we couldn't turn out like you."

Elpis shifted her body into air. The gust streamlined through the forest like a current. Animals scattered from her incoming presence. Her speed was unprecedented as she followed Thale's path to its destination.

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