Chapter 13

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Katia's POV:

I stood in the quiet aftermath of a battle, the only sound that filled the air was the crackling of fire. Piles of corpses lay scattered, their bodies mangled to the point of looking inhuman. I spun around in terror, my breath staggered and heavy. A tall figure stood in the centre of the war zone, silhouetted in the surrounding fire and setting sun; it was near impossible to see who it was since they were facing away from me. From what I could see, they were too tall and large to be human.

"Come forward my child." They spoke, their voice was menacing and bitter. I slowly obliged, taking one step at a time, careful to not stand on any bodies. I reached them, looking up at their head which was covered in a gold helmet that matched their armour. "My child you have great strength which I wish I could possess."

"Well you can't have it." I spat bitterly, my Sokovian accent peaking it's way through my anger. The being chuckled, amused by my response. "That's not a problem. Soon I will have something much greater."

The being slowly turned, revealing their purple coloured skin and an ugly face. I gasped slightly, backing up my steps only to fall over a body and hit the ground hard. "My child, you humans have something I want. I intend to get it and you, not any one of you, will get in my way."

Swiftly, my legs brought me back to my feet. I turned away from the monster, my eyes landing on every avenger and other people I did not recognise. Every one of them looked tired. Before I got a chance to speak, bright multicoloured lights radiated from stones placed in a gold gauntlet on the aliens hand. "You see, Katia Maximoff. I am inevitable."
He snapped his fingers. A wave of ringing took over my hearing as my vision faded into nothing.

3rd person POV:

Katia sat abruptly from her bed, her breathing struggled as she attempted to fill her lungs with air. The teen looked around her room in the compound, "It was just a dream." She whispered while wrapping her wings around her body for comfort. She didn't believe what she was saying one bit, that have to have been more than just a dream. It was something else, it felt so real to her, almost like the visions Wanda gave her. His words echoed throughout her mind as she rubbed her eyes, stepping off her bed and looking out of the window to the dark landscape of New York.

From the thoughts, nobody had returned while she was asleep. Wanda and Vision were in the kitchen. The teens face lit up slightly at the sound of paprikash. Wanda had thought of it, it was one of Katia's favourite meals. The empty feeling in her stomach urged her to go downstairs and see what was going on. Frankly her hunger was much stronger at this moment than her tense relationship with her sister.

The teen quickly slipped into a pair of black sweats and an oversized AC/DC t shirt she had borrowed from Tony, well more like it was mixed up with her laundry and she decided to not tell him. She quickly went down the flight of stairs that lead to the main room and the kitchen.


"Is that Paprikash?"

"I thought it might lift your and Katia's spirits." Vision said while stirring an aluminium pot on the stove. Wanda took a sip before smiling, "Spirits lifted."
"In my defence, I haven't actually ever eaten anything before, so."

"May I?" Wanda asked before tinkering with the spices and ingredients on the counter.

"Have you spoken to your sister, lately?" Vision asked, breaking a small silence. Wanda shook her head. "No, I haven't. I'm going to later on. She hides it well from everyone else but she can't from me. She's having the nightmares again. I can hear her from my room." Wanda said, her smile faulting as she stared at the unfinished food.

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