Chapter 6

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I looked down at my food timidly

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I looked down at my food timidly. I really don't have an appetite, I didn't even finish the sandwich I took this morning.

"Hey". I looked to the opposite side and I raised my brows but then looked back to my food.

"Hmm?". I hummed without looking up.

"You haven't moved your food. The class will resume in 15 mins". Yuri said, I looked up when I sensed a lot of eyes on me.

"I'm already full". I said and leaned back.

"What are you saying?! You barely move your plate". Yuri looked at me in disbelief.

"Noona-". I looked to my side and saw the three boys. They looked shy at the same time scared.

"Why do you look so scared?". I faced them, they flinched.

"They're scared of you". I shifted my gaze to Heeseung ready to fight him.

"Hey, I'm not going to eat you". I said to the kids, the table bursted out laughing.

"Try to calm down your face, Lliana. You looked so scary". Jake said, I playfully rolled my eyes to him and looked at the three.

"What's your name?". I asked them, they slowly relaxed.

"Hey! You didn't ask us our name when we first met". Jay said looking disappointed.

"You guys are not cute like this three-". I pat this boy who has a dimple.

They introduce themselves, the one that has a dimple name Jungwon, while the one who looks like a smiley emoji name Sunoo and the last one is Ni-Ki who looks like a playful one and the cutest but they're all cute.

"Chill guys, I'm not going to hurt you, okay?". They nodded eagerly and I smiled at them.

"Did we just see her smile?". I heard Sunghoon asked the person beside him, Jake.

"What?! Is that some type of miracle?". I rolled my eyes to them, and Sunghoon pursed his lips.

"Stop scaring people around you!". Yuri hit my forehead.

"Ouch! I'm not, that's their fault- Do I look like a scary person?". I shifted my gaze to the three boys again.

"A little bit, Noona". Jungwon meets my eyes but then breaks it quickly.

"Yeah, when we first saw you earlier". Sunoo said without looking at me, he is too busy munching his food.

"Looked scary but still beautiful so you're not scary, you're more on the beautiful side". My cheeks heat up from what Ni-Ki said.

"So, just a compliment from cuties will make you soft". Yuri teased me, I scoffed.

We finished eating-no, they finished eating and bid goodbye. Well I just said goodbye to the three boys. I can't move on from their cuteness.

"Wait, what are they doing again here in our building? I thought they're high school?". I asked again to Yuri.

"They're in Dance club and their leader is Heeseung-"

"That guy?! Why?!". I reacted.

"You haven't seen him dancing have you?". I shook my head, she nodded as if she already knew why.

"Okay, I get it. You didn't attend the opening yesterday right?". I nodded as an answer.

"I knew it. You're too bored with that program as always! They performed yesterday, including that three boys. They're great dancers! That is also the reason why other students look at us every time we are with them, well they're looking at you too-". I tilted my head while arched my brows.

"What?! I'm just saying, they're popular plus you. All of us at the same table? What do you think we are getting?". She defended, I shook my head.

"Look around you, we are not with them but they are still following you with their eyes. Are you not aware of that?". I looked at her with a "seriously" expression.

"What am I numb? Of course I know it, but I don't give a fck to them". I then looked around and met each of the students while still arching my brows.

The time inside the class learning things you don't know if you can use once you really entered the real world passes by. It's already time to go home. Once the car stopped in front of the house, I went to my room and found ideas that will help me to pursue my point for the debate next friday.

The next day, it's still the same. We always go for lunch with the others including the three cute boys, they become more comfortable now. Each day the group became more close, I even got comfortable with the other guys except for Heeseung. I always catch him staring at me then when our eyes meet he quickly shifts them even if it's already obvious.

The past few days our routine didn't change. I give myself 2 hours to browse and find resources for the debate.

"I'm so tired, what the hell is this? We haven't finished the first whole month but we already feel this tiredness!". Yuri yelled at the top of her lungs, she's laying down on my bed.

We just got home from school, it's already Thursday. Yuri wanted to come here, I refused but she's too stubborn.

"Stop shouting! I'm trying to focus for tomorrow, I'm getting stressed from this debate". I put my finger to my temple and started to massage them.

"I shouldn't take this, Argh!". I slapped my desk and lay down to my bed beside Yuri.

"I miss my Mom". I said out of nowhere.

"I know she misses you too, she always misses you". Yuri replied, I exhale while looking at the ceiling.

"What kind of life would I have if Mom was still here? I don't know, I'm just wondering if I will experience this treatment from my family". I looked at Yuri, she's looking up.

"You know what I've been noticing Heeseung, the way he looked at you". I raised my brows pretending not knowing what she was saying.

"Why did you say that?". She shrugged and flashed her creepy smile.

"You know what I mean. I think he likes you-"

"Hey! Come on, he will be my enemy tomorrow stop that!". I get up and go back to my seat.

"I'm just saying, the way he looked at you is really different". She got up, still seated on my bed.

"The way I will look at you if you don't stop will be different". I threatened her, she pretended to close the zipper with her mouth.

 I threatened her, she pretended to close the zipper with her mouth

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