Chapter 8

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The bell rang indicating it's already time for criminal law which means it's already time for the debate.

I saw our other block mates heading to the auditorium. Then I saw Heeseung walking towards us.

"What are you guys doing here". I heard him ask the kids. I looked away and turned my back to him.

"We are going to watch Noona and your debate". Jungwon replied. I looked back again at them.

"Make sure you don't really have class right now or else I will really tell it to the guard. Let's go". I pointed at them one by one, they eagerly nodded.

We walked to the auditorium, we welcomed by mumbling by our block mates. Once they noticed that we are here, they all looked in our direction.

"I didn't know that other students would be here too". Yuri said and roamed her eyes to the auditorium.

"What are they doing here?". I whispered.

"They probably here Heeseung, you know the fangirls or what eva!". Yuri laughed, I looked at them weirdly.

"Don't do anything stupid!". I threatened the kids and went to Mr. Jung who's waiting at the side.

I sense a figure following me. Mr. Jung saw us and called us to come over to him. There are also some of our professors. Once we reached them, they gave us a warm smile.

"They are our participants for today, Chun Lliana and Lee Heeseung". I gave them a smile and nodded.

"Are you okay, dear?". I was surprised when one of the professors put her hand on my shoulder and looked at my face.

"You are the sister-". She stops when other prof nudges her.

"Oh right, sorry. But are you really okay?". She put some of the strands of my hair on my face and put them behind my ears.

"I'm fine, Miss". I replied. I become uncomfortable when I feel the pair of eyes of another professor looking worried.

"You really looked pale, Lliana". I looked to Heeseung, he held my elbow to face him but I pulled it back.

Mr. Jung sensed the tension and let us go to the back stage. Before I went there I went to Yuri with the kids. Sunghoon, Jake, Jay and Youngbin are already there, sitting with them. The crowd keeps on increasing. I didn't expect this, I thought it was just our section but other students are also here.

"Do you need anything?". Yuri asked me when I reached their table.

"Do you have water there?". I asked weakly.

"I already finished my bottle- do you have extra water there?". She asked the others, they shook their heads.

"Noona, I can buy water-"

"No, it's alright. We are going to start now". I stopped Jungwon. I waved my hands to them and went backstage.

My breathing became abnormal, so I tried to relax my mind and body. I shook my head and let out a big sigh.

"Are you guys ready?". Mr. Jung asked, we both nodded.

I saw Heeseung looking at me, I arched my brows.

"I'm sorry-"

"Not now, let's just focus here". I cut him and went to the chair.

I looked to my side and saw my reflection, my flushed face. Then something like kick pain in my lower right belly. I wanted to throw up, I felt nauseous and sick.

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