Chapter 18

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Tw: mention of suicide

The raft:

"This is Raft Prison Control. You are clear for landing Mr Stark." The guard informed over the radio.

The circular lights of the raft illuminated the through the ocean water on top, the outline of underwater building was barely visible due to the gloomy, miserable afternoon.

The choppy ocean water began to stir. From it, the raft emerged. Gallons of water spilled over the sides revealing large trapdoors which opened for the helicopter to land inside.

Inside, Ross stood waiting for Stark, an armed guard either side of the railing facing away. "So you got the files? Let's reroute the satellites, start facial scanning of this Zemo guy." Tony insisted.

"You seriously think I'm going to listen to you after that fiasco in Leipzig? You're lucky you're not in one of these cells." Ross sneered before walking in the direction towards the room with the cells.

The large sliding door opened to a room, several armed men sat at work either as guards or watching the security cameras. Tony stared at one of the cameras, disheartened by what he saw. Katia sat against the wall. Her arms and wings were tied harshly in straight jackets and even from the cameras, dark circles were visible under her eyes. She stared at the camera, clearly being able to hear his thoughts.

Eventually, Stark made his way into the room. Everyone sat, silent, barely acknowledging that he was there. Loud slow clapping echoed from Clint's cell. "The futurist, gentlemen! The futurist is here! He sees all! He knows what's best for you, whether you like it or not."

"Give me a break Barton." Stark commanded. "I had not idea they'd put you here. Come on."

"Yeah, well. You know they'd put us somewhere Tony." Barton muttered.  "Yeah, but not some super-max floating ocean pokey. This place is for maniacs. This is for-" Tony started to speak before being cut of by Clint.

"Criminals? Criminals, Tony. Think that's the word you're looking for. Right? That didn't used to mean me. Or Sam, or Wanda...or Katia! But here we are."

"Because you broke the law. I didn't make you. You read it, you Broke it." Tony remarked, as though he is lecturing a child. "La la la la la." Clint drowned out the sound of Starks voice.

"You're all grown up, you got a wife and kids. I don't understand, why didn't you think about them before you chose the wrong side?" Tony criticised before walking away from Clint's cell.

"You better watch your back with this guy. There's a chance he's gonna break it."

"Hank Pym always said you never can trust a stark." Scott sneered. "Who are you?" Tony asked.

"Come on man." Scott muttered in response.

Tony continued his walk around, eventually making his way to Katia's cell. "Hey, lightbulb."

She kept her stare at the ground, avoiding a pitying look. "You lost the privileges to call me that when you locked me up in here." Her accent revealed itself strongly in her harsh words.

"Katia, I'm sorry you ended up here, but the consequences of your actions-"
He was swiftly cut off when the teen stood up and kicked the bars, causing an echo to ripple out.

"Consequences of what exactly? Trying to save the life of an innocent man? Trying to stop Zemo from bringing several super soldiers back into the world? Which one of them was the reason that I am tied up and tortured every day by this damn collar?! Which one!" Her voice cracked several times while speaking, angry tears welled up in her eyes, some stained her face. "Are you here out of guilt? Or is it just to try and get information about Steve? Because if you want to know anything, you have another thing heading your way. You are the reason I am here, Tony! You and Ross! Ross is no better than Ultron! He is corrupt and vindictive. Frankly you are no better than him. Both snakes in the grass."

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