chapter 19

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Athens - Greece

Katia's POV:

For the past week we have been hiding in plain sight, barely. This is our third move since getting out of the raft. Paranoia swamped us whenever the whole group wasn't together.
Wanda, Sam and Steve were out getting food, Clint and Scott were back with their families under house arrest and me and Nat were sat in the bathroom of the dingy hotel room.

"Are you sure you want me to do this? I can't cut hair!" I whisper-yelled to Natasha who was sitting in front of me and in front of the mirror. I was supposed to try and cut her hair using a light beam.
"Yes, your light beams are practically lasers. Besides, you were the one who suggested changing looks to stay out of suspicion." Natasha reasoned.

I took a deep sigh before summoning a rod of light. The rod quickly sliced a clean cut of hair that sat just above her shoulders, it looked good.

"Wow, that turned out better than I thought." Natasha admitted. I scoffed at her words.

"Are we going to try and lighten it or are you going to do that later?" I quickly changed the subject. We had no idea if the light would bleach her hair at all, but it was the best idea we had.

She nodded before I held my hands out to gather the light energy. Surprisingly, it was difficult to conjure, usually light is the easiest. I pushed the energy orb out towards Natasha's hair and to my surprise, it started to lighten, way quicker than bleaching it would.

When I had finished, Nat sighed in relief. "Thank god, part of me thought you were going to burn my hair off."

"Not going to lie, so did I. Using light, didn't feel as natural as it usually does."

Natasha furrowed her eyebrows. "Maybe its just because you haven't used your power in a while. Speaking of, sit. I'm checking your wings." Nat stood up, before pointing her finger towards the chair.

The straight jacket damaged My wings and since I can't use my healing magic, Natasha and Wanda have been checking on them to make use there in no permanent damage.

I sat in the chair and stretched my wings out carefully. "They're fine Nat, I don't know why you worry about this."

"Hm, colour is a little off, darker than usual, but they are fine. It doesn't mean me and the others won't worry. We care about you Kat. Too much has happened to you around us than it should have and we don't plan on having you taken back there. Speaking of, we all are going to split up."

In a split second, I was standing up, facing Natasha. "What! What do you mean splitting up?"

she looked down at the floor. "Wanda is going with Vision to Edinburgh, and I have an old friend from the red room and her daughter that you are going to stay with in London. She's trustworthy and she's on the run herself so she won't rat you out. She also knows about your powers."

"What about you? O-Or Sam or Steve? You guys are my family and I can't leave knowing that you will be out there or may get caught or even killed." Tears began to form in my eyes as I paced the hotel room. "If something happens to any of you, a-and I'm not there then I know that I'll think its my fault-" my words were quickly stopped by Natasha pulling me into a tight hug. It was only in that moment I noticed my body trembling.

"We'll all be fine Kat, you too. We wouldn't send you away from us if we didn't think it was necessary. Frankly I don't like it, but when you're with us, we put you in danger. The public recognise our faces all the time. We made sure to keep your face out of footage and pictures in case anything like this ever happened. In England, you can start a new life, have some friends your age, go to school, not have to deal with things like this. Maybe even get a boyfriend, or girlfriend, I don't judge."

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