Chapter five.

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I watch in amusement as the twins get into their car

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I watch in amusement as the twins get into their car . It was worth way more than my limbo I was currently sitting in.

"Tell those two kids to follow us" I yell to my driver. Leaning back into my seat I look down at my watch. Fucking hell it's almost time to fly to Mexico. I have a meeting with the Spanish mafia.

"Father we can't go home to Italy Mexico is the other Direction this meeting to important to miss" Luke expresses. I nod my head in agreement looks like the twins will just have to get picked up by Heidi.

"Luke have another plane get ready" I sigh looking up . Eric seats next to me putting his hand on my shoulder. I turn my head to face my son giving him a small nod.

"It's okay father they probably don't care for heaven sakes they'll live in a mansion" Eric points out. True they probably never saw or stepped foot in a mansion before.

"I doubt the car they are driving is one of the most expensive car in the world" Luke grumbles.

"Luke jealousy doesn't look good on a grown man" I declare . He scoffs rolling his eyes before turning his head away from me.

"Catch a case don't snitch that's" I pause looking at Drina

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"Catch a case don't snitch that's" I pause looking at Drina. We both smile before yelling at the same time "MANDO".

Our heads pop up and down screaming the song lyrics as they blast through the car speakers. 

"Ride for your clique, that's mando  Broke, hit a lick, that's mando
Always with the shits, AyThat's mando" I sing loudly smiling at Drina. She pushes my head laughing . 

"This song will always hold a special place in my heart" Alexandera says turning down the volume. I nod my head at her in agreement.

It speaks so much truth.  In reality a lot of us don't have a role model besides the streets. We grew up killing and fighting. All we knew was the street code.  Thankfully we got the privilege to go to school and pass at a young age. We had to know everything and anything for our missions.

"Alex we have a meeting today shit!" Drina shouts snapping me back into reality.  My eyes meet hers and she sighs. She leans forward taking her thumb underneath my eye.  Her thumb creases my skin wiping away a tear I didn't notice escape.

"You were thinking about it weren't you?" She mumbles looking at the street. Her hands tighten around the stirring wheel.

"Yeah sorry..." I trail off picking up my computer. I unlocks my laptop going straight to my emails.

"Alex I know it hurts trust me I understand. I wish I could take away you're pain I truly do" she sighs . The car comes to a stop making me look at her.

"Alexandera I know you would if you couldn't but that would only make me more hurt knowing you're suffering" I give her a tight smile before opening the door. 

Making sure my face was plan and emotionless I step out the car.  Making my way towards Drina side I open her door offering my hand. She takes my hand as she stepped out the car. 

Her grey eyes showed nothing but a angry storm.  The scary part is her face told a different story. It was calm and collected with her lips pursed into a thin line.  She showed no emotions like she was a robot.

I step out the way allowing her to walk forward. She gives me a sharp glare before grabbing my hand. We stepped into a line like we always do her on my right me on her left.  Our walk was in sync.

"How do you two walk so perfect together? It's seriously fucking creepy but so damn powerful!" Eric rambles on before luke slaps him behind the head.

I give them a annoyed look before pulling out the phone. Breaking the hold on my sister hand I send a quick text to one of my workers telling them to pick up our car.

"Where are we going?" Drina asks looking at the jet in front of us.  Julio gives her a bright smile before wrapping his arms around her.  I stepped in pulling her away. Alexandera thanks me dusting off her clothes.  Julio on the other hand looks at us with a hurt expression.

Did this man truly think we would hug him? We don't do hugs unless it's each other.  That and we don't fucking no where this man been. 

"Don't touch me" Drina states looking at him straight in the eye. 

"Um while you two will be going to Italy your sister Heidi will be at the airport to pick you guys up" Julio clears his throat looking at his two sons.  

"Where will you three be going than?" Alexandera asks raising her eyebrow. Her eyes narrow looking at them. 

"That's none of your concern so get moving" Luke answers waving her question off completely. 

He's gonna regret that later and that's a promise.

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