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Dressed as the squeamish bag of the villain's boss

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Chapter 11

She just told her not to make trouble, but when she turned her head, she was disgusted by others for making trouble. Chu Xiu felt pain for him even thinking about it.

Lu Yuanzhou probably didn't feel well either, his face didn't look good, and he didn't feel good about it, so he could only become silent with blushing ears.

In such public places, Chu Xiu naturally couldn't make his male partner too embarrassed, so he stretched out his hand to hug Lu Yuanzhou's arm, smiled and said to Mr. Yuan, "I'm here with him, he is not someone else."

This is the old man . Turning his attention to Lu Yuanzhou, he said cheerfully: "Look carefully, the young man looks quite energetic, not bad, not bad." Is

such a perfunctory tone of love for the house and the black? Because he is Chu Xiu's male partner, so he has to praise some face?

Chu Xiu thinks about Coke.

Originally planned to let Lu Yuanzhou take her to brush the banquet dungeon, but unexpectedly, there would be a 360-degree reversal in reality, and she would take him to brush the boss!

The old lady next to him smiled and said to her wife: "Don't you remember? This is the kid of the Lu family. Isn't Lu

Yizhen your friend for many years?" Lu Yuanzhou's self-introduction just now, Yuan Lao didn't listen carefully, and he squinted. Suddenly, he looked at Lu Yuanzhou in surprise and said, "Are you a kid from Lu Yizhen's family? The last time I saw you, I was still a student. I was blocked by a female classmate so I didn't want to go to school!"

Chu Xiu stared, unexpectedly this would also work. Eat melons from before Lu Yuanzhou? ! It's... so delicious!

Lu Yuanzhou: ... Before

they could say a few more words, someone next to him had already reminded Yuan that the banquet was open, and asked them to move.

Mrs. Yuan quickly took Chu Xiu's hand and said to Mr. Yuan: "Let Chu Xiu sit next to me, I have a

lot of thanks yet." Chu Xiu said quickly: "Old Madam, the situation was urgent at the time, even if it didn't. I, there will be other people to help, this is what it should be, you should stop thanking me, I feel embarrassed." The

old lady smiled kindly and said, "Just call me Aunt Mei. ."

Chu Xiu yelled kindly: "Aunt Mei."

Yuan Lao said from the side: "Anyway, let's go and sit down. If you have any words, sit down and talk, Xiao Guo, you can arrange a seat for Chu Xiu next to us, oh yes, Arrange an extra seat for Xiao Lu by the way." Lu

Yuanzhou: ...

Suddenly I felt that I had no status at all. Even the seat was soaked in the light of Chu's sleeves.

In fact, Lu Yuanzhou has an invitation letter and an arranged seat, but the main purpose of his coming this time is to conquer Yuan Lao. This will have such a good opportunity to get close to the other party, Lu Yuanzhou really does not want to give up.

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