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Dressed as the squeamish bag of the villain's boss

Traditional Chinese

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Chapter 21

    The room is still the familiar room, but because there are different people living in it, the feeling is different. There is a pink coat on the sofa, a few more pillows on the carpet, a few small women’s items on the bedside table, and the bed Lying there is an oversized pink leopard puppet, occupying the other half of the big bed.

    Lu Yuanzhou: ......

    He was so carelessly occupied by a lifeless doll where he couldn't climb up in any way? !

    When someday he gets back the initiative, he must throw it away...throw it away!

    Chu Xiu was soft-hearted and let people in. She was a little embarrassed after she came in. What she meant just now was for Lu Yuanzhou to come in and talk about the reason why he wanted to go to her bed in every possible way, but his pleasant appearance, as if he had come in and went to bed. Not to explain.

    "Sit down." She pointed to the sofa at the end of the bed.

    Lu Yuanzhou raised his eyebrows, strode over to sit down, put one hand relaxed on the back of the sofa, and then raised his eyes to look at her.

    Chu Xiu stood awkwardly on the spot, thinking that this situation was not right, she should have listened to him to explain it, right? Why is it that he has a superior appearance?

    After a long sigh, Chu Xiu picked up a pillow floor from the carpet next to the sofa and placed it in his arms. He sat on the carpet and said, "You tell me?"

    Lu Yuanzhou's hand on the back of the sofa changed to a support. Head, looked at her and said: "I don't sleep well."


    Xiu nodded, and said: "Then?" Lu Yuanzhou didn't round the corners, hit a straight ball, and said, "I found out that I was sleeping with you, and I could sleep well. , That's it."

    I tried so many methods before, but I didn’t succeed. Lu Yuanzhou was also a bit poor in his skills. I might as well take this opportunity to talk frankly and openly. At least there is a 50% chance of success.

    This truth was similar to what Chu Xiu had expected. She rubbed the soft pillow in her arms and said, "Then why didn't you say it directly at the beginning? You have to toss so many things?" There are so many dumbfounding things.

    Lu Yuanzhou looked into her eyes and said, "If I said I wanted to sleep with you at the beginning, would you agree or refuse?"


    Xiu didn't even think about it , and replied, "Of course I refused." Lu Yuanzhou stretched his hands, and he expected it to be. This answer, so I didn't even ask, I figured out a solution by myself.

    "It doesn't hurt to be kissed by me, and you can sleep with me, don't you think it is strange?" Chu Xiu asked him back. She was able to face these things calmly because she knew she was traveling, but Lu Yuanzhou did not Knowing this, why can he accept it so calmly? ?

    Lu Yuanzhou asked her back: "Then why do you think it is?"

    Chu Xiu shook his head.

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