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Dressed as the squeamish bag of the villain's boss

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Chapter 31

    After Lu Yuanzhou heard the word deep kiss, his heartbeat instantly missed a beat, and the pores on his skin exploded. He had never thought that this word could give him such a shock.

    When Chu Xiu leaned down, he was in shock with expectation too much.

    It's just that this woman clearly said the word "deep kiss" loudly, and what fell in the end was just a close-to-mouth kiss, which was like a tickling, just like they kissed each other daily.

    Lu Yuanzhou had a depressed feeling of "show me this when you take off your pants".

    However, Chu Xiu is very knowledgeable about borrowing kisses. From the angle she kissed Lu Yuanzhou, the people behind her seemed to be kissing. When Chu Xiu twisted her head left and right, it was a deep kiss.

    The two melon passers were still talking about the Lu family’s gossip for a second, and the next second they saw Lu family’s master kissing under the sun. This melon was so big that it almost burst them and gave them an awkward glance. After that, he turned around and left quietly.

    It seems that the rumors are wrong. The young couple are in a very good relationship!

    When the others walked away, Chu Xiu left Lu Yuanzhou’s lips, a little embarrassed aside his gaze, and said, "I just want to

    stop the mouths of those two people." Lu Yuanzhou made a noncommittal "um" and asked her: "If If I heard you right, what you just said was a deep kiss."

    Chu Xiu turned away embarrassedly, and then got up from his thigh. She did say a while ago that she wanted to kiss deeply, but she hugged Lu Yuanzhou’s neck for the moment. She was still shy and flinched, and she couldn't get her mouth down, and finally changed to a kiss wittyly. Anyway, the two of them often kissed each other. She was very skilled in doing this.

    "Ah, I'm a little hungry, let's go in and find something to eat." Chu Xiu forcibly changed the subject.

    Lu Yuanzhou nodded, stood up, and said, "Let's fill up our stomachs first, and then study the subject of deep kissing?"


    Xiu : ...The two walked to the steps, and Lu Yuanzhou reached out to hold Chu Xiu's hands, and the two clasped their fingers tightly.

    At the end of the day, he is already very proficient in holding hands.

    I learned quickly, Chu Xiu thought amusedly.

    For lunch, there were three tables of banquets at home. Originally, Lu Yuanzhou proposed to go to the hotel to eat, but Dad Lu thought that eating at home would have a festive atmosphere, so he kept Mr. Liu and a few cooks busy, but the effect was not bad. At least the host and the guest are enjoying themselves.

    During the banquet, when Lu Yuanzhou took Chuxiu to toast to the elders, the most toast the elders said to them was the early birth of a son, and the roots of Chuxiu's ears were red.

    Some people also asked Lu Yuanzhou when the wedding was held, and how could the Lu family’s celebration be so low-key.

    Lu Yuanzhou said with a smile: "This is a major event in life, it must be done, but I can't spare the time recently. If there is good news then, I will definitely inform everyone."

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