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Her body was raised high up in the sky, several dozen feet in the air. She was in a standing position, almost as if she was flying. Her arms were outstretched outwards from her.

The rain surrounding her continued to swirl around her body in a whimsical way. A golden glow surrounded her form as she remained raised in the air.

An aura of power exuded from her body. The rain swirling around her stopped abruptly, and the drops of water remained unmoving in the air.

Suddenly, her eyes opened, dark glowing sea green eyes revealed, and a small gasp leaving her lips.


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And then she fell.

Percy's body plummeted downwards at an alarmingly fast rate. She looked more like a blur than a person as she descended past the backdrop of clouds.

The god of the sky outstretched his arm outwards in the direction of the raven haired beauty, and suddenly it seemed as though she was moving in slow motion. At a significantly slower speed, her path downwards became safer.

The sea green eyed being had passed out. Klaus hurriedly stumbled around in circles and tried to position himself in the exact spot that would allow him to catch her.

Finally, she fell into his arms. One of his arms was under her knees and the other cradled her back. His concerned blue eyes trailed over her face.

Klaus tore his gaze away from the unconscious woman in his arms to worriedly look at the gods surrounding him. "Is she going to be okay?"

A few of the gods just looked at each other and remained silent.

Poseidon met the hybrid's eyes. "We'll make sure she's okay," he spoke in an assuring way. His voice actually sounded gentle, which was starkly different than how he was speaking previously.

The original exhaled in relief. There were still tear stains down his cheeks, but he didn't care; all he cared about was the woman in his arms.

He looked back down at her face. Seeing her unconscious closely resembled how she looked when she was—when he thought she was—

He stopped himself from continuing that train of thought.

She's going to be okay. The hybrid thought in an attempt to convince himself it would be true.

She's not dead...even if she seems like it.

Maybe if he repeated the words, they would come true. Maybe his nerves would fade away. The hybrid somehow felt as though he was experiencing an adrenaline rush, buzzing with stress and as though he was crashing, losing any energy he had left. It was like everything in him was off balance.

Perhaps he was only half of himself if he didn't have her. Perhaps having her in his life is what kept him from tumbling, what kept him from falling apart all this time. And now that she was hurt, he didn't know how to exist. He couldn't think clearly or focus, two things in which Klaus Mikaelson was usually quite adept at.

His blue eyes stayed trained on her face. Klaus never wanted to let go of her again. She, after all, belonged in his arms.

It's a shame the universe doesn't give a damn about 'shoulds' or 'wants.'


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