"After we deal with Thanos, I'm leaving"

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This place was beautiful. Mountains peaked on both sides of the water.

The three of us sat on a bench, sailing up on a ferry to where Nat had told me before where to find her if I need help.

My hands fiddled with nerves inside the pocket of the grey hoodie I borrowed from Steve. It swamped me, but I was warm at least. It was sunset, so the temperature was rapidly dropping.

The hood was pulled over my head, and my wings were hidden away. I was barely recognisable, along with Sam and Steve who took my advice; they avoided using a baseball cap and sunglasses and went for hoodies with the hood up instead. To any passer, they would think we were simply a trio of grumpy teens or just cold.

I had sent Nat a telepathic message to meet us at the port since we didn't have a car and there was no way we would walk up the mountain in the dark, especially with Hydra still searching for me.

Docking at the port, my nerves doubled. I'd resulted to clenching and unclenching my fists as a distraction. "Kat, we're going to be fine." Sam quietly reassured me. I nodded my head, still keeping my eyes forward. It was quiet at this time of the night, which was a relief.

Spotting the car Nat had described before, I searched the thoughts in that area for her's. I found it pretty quickly and began walking in that direction. Sam and Steve stood each side of me, scanning the area in paranoia.

Once she saw us, she rolled the car window down. "Get in." She said. "Kat get's front seat." She smirked at the two and I could hear their huffs before getting unto the back seats of the grey car. "We'll talk when we get there."

Twenty minutes in the car, I got bored of the silence. "How's Yelena?"

She smiled, keeping her eyes on the road. "Haven't seen her since Hong Kong but apparently she's doing fine. How's Void?" She asked back, I winced slightly.

I hadn't told Steve or Sam about Void yet. From the backseats they looked confused. "She's fine. Been a bit quiet. But she is no longer fighting for the use of my limbs."

"Who's Void?" Sam asked, trying to hide his bafflement from his tone, he failed to do so.
I laughed under my breath.

"I think I should let Nat tell you, otherwise I'm going to go into way too much detail and might say something that I don't plan on revealing until we get back." I mumbled, fiddling with an orb of water, freezing it and condensing it into different shapes.

Even Nat looked a it confused by what I meant. She cleared her throat before speaking. "Void is a sorta non-human thing that lives in Katia's mind. A personality created by the dark magic and passed on through the generations of witches in her family." Wow she actually explained that pretty well, except one thing.

"Not witches." I replied, keeping my voice low.
"Then what were they?" Sam asked.
After a few moments, I took a deep breath. I'm not prepared to tell them everything in the car.

"I'll tell you when we're out of the car."

The rest of the car drive was full of tense silence, one that I was glad to get out of once we had reached Nat's trailer high in the mountains.

"You guys hungry?" Nat asked, taking four bottles of water out of the mini fridge.

She handed us all one as we made our way over to the couch. The couch could only fit three so I insisted on standing.

Which was a lie. I actually just changed air flow to support me. I sat cross-legged , suspended in air.

"So, I want to start with finishing the conversation we started in the car." Nat asked, looking at me both seriously and concerned. "What were your ancestors Katia, if they weren't witches."

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