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The next day, it was a Saturday, no work, Elma was at her apartment home, alone as always, but then she remembers, she remembers she can meet and see (YN) again at his store. So she quickly changes into her clothes, and to get leave her apartment and to make her way to (YN)'s she makes her way, she then started to think about yesterday's chat with him and how he met him as well...she felt...comfort and good about it, Elma even started to blush about him just thinking about him...

Elma: He's been on my mind lately...I just can't stop thinking about him...his kind, generous and nice personality of his...makes me feel comfort...

As Elma makes her way down to his store, she then arrives and to yet notice the store seems to be closed...she then approaches to the entrance of the door, and to notice a sign says "Close" and "Open Mon-Fri only"...

Elma:  What?? He's not here for today..!? Why didn't he at least told me he isn't open for today???
Does he...not want to see me? ...

She started to get a little emotional and upset...

Elma: Did he only say those things yesterday...just for me to leave and-

(YN): Elma?

She then turns behind, and to see (YN) with a surprise...

Elma: (YN)!

(YN): Heh, glad to see you again.

Elma: O-Oh. Me too...I just thought your not here, due to your store close.

(YN): Oh, yeah I'm close for today and tomorrow, days off.

Elma: Oh, I see. *I guess I was...wrong then...*

(YN): Anyways, I only came by cause I seen you coming this street, I was on my way home from the store, pick up something things to cook at home, And wanted to catch up to you.

Elma: Ooh, well I was gonna come and meet you too...

(YN): Heh, I know you were.

Elma: Y-You do??

(YN): Well yea, I can tell it in your face.

Elma: *blushing* Y-You can?!

(YN): Heh, I'm playing, don't sweat it.

Elma: O-Oh.

(YN): ...Say, why don't you come over to my house, I can make you something to eat.

Elma: R-Really??

(YN): Yeah, I mean you did said you wanted to meet again, right? And well...I wanted to meet you as well too, Heh.

Elma: Hehe *blushing*

(YN): , cool. Well, let's go.

And so, the two then started walking together, heading over to (YN)'s place while they started having a conversation about themselves...As they do, they arrive at (YN)'s home, where he doesn't live that far at his store she enters his home and made herself in...she looks around...

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