happy birthday baby

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( takes place after season three, not entirely canon since I don't know what Five will be like during the time skip from s3-s4, but for now it's canon )

It was early on the Saturday morning, the early light peaked through the the crack in the curtains and the morning breeze slowly filling the room through the slightly open window. Anthony shuffled his position slightly to lay onto his right side, pulling up the bed covers as he felt the coldness of the air.

Five was still asleep across the way from him, his head turned away with the light falling across his resting face; he actually looked peaceful for once. He snored only lightly, the slight breeze blowing his hair slightly and messing it up even more than it already was from the previous night.

Anthony couldn't help but just stare at him, eyes looking down at his toned bare back, particularly noticing the light red marks that scratched all the way from his shoulders down his back. He put a hand out, just letting it hovering over his shoulder without touching him, admiring the marks as if he hadn't done them himself in the previous night.

Things had never been better over the past few months between them; sure they were in an alternate universe which was kind of scary and Five had watched Anthony die not long ago then watch all of their family abandon them, but they were trying their best to move forward from that.

Life without the rest of the Hargreeves had been hard at first despite how much they tried to deny that it effected them. Anthony missed Diego the most, and Luther was a close second. He felt as if the only brothers he had ever known had just got up and left him if it was nothing.

Five liked to deny how much he really missed his family, but Anthony knew deep down that if effected him more than he liked to let on.  He couldn't blame the siblings though, he understood the want to leave the past behind especially after how hard the previous months and years had been for everyone.

Instead of focusing on all of that, dwelling on what they had experienced and what they had lost, Five and Anthony tried to look towards the future, more practically their future together.

Their relationship really had never been better, they both felt as if they were finally in a good place which also meant they could be happy as a couple. It wasn't exactly easy, but it was worth it in the end.

Anthony kissed the side of Five's head, the boy softly moving at the action, as he moved out of their bed, pulling on a robe and tying it while making his way into their kitchen. There he was very excitedly greeted by Mr Pennycrumb (they have a puppy now too) who jumped up and down to him.

He smiled as he kneeled down to rub him, the dog leaning up and licking the side of his face repeatedly until Anthony moved away. The boy walked through the kitchen and began making coffee at the counter.

Staying in the kitchen for only a few minutes, he made his way back into their bedroom, opening the door carefully and closing it behind him; stopping their puppy from making his way inside.

Five stirred at the sound , "Mmm..." he hummed incoherently as he opened his eyes properly for the first time. "Is that coffee?" his voice was low and raspy as he woke up properly.

"Yeah, happy birthday," Anthony smiled as the boy shuffled himself into a sitting position, handing him the coffee which he gratefully took.

"Thanks darling," Five leaned forward to kiss him momentarily, trying to hold on longer than he probably should have. "Come back to bed?"

Anthony didn't hesitate, pulling off his robe and dropping it onto the ground as he slid under the covers next to his husband, propping himself up against the pillow with his elbow while also pulling the blanket closer to him. Five leaned forward again, holding the coffee cup in one of his hands, the other hand lifting up to touch Anthony's face just lightly.

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