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A/N - a continuation of a part of chapter 53 from 'illicit' :) if you don't want to go back and reread it all, it's the scene when they're in the hotel and Five buys Ant the flannel and they start kissing and...yeah you know where that's going

very fluffy smut, they're very much in love and I also really want to make Ant speak French again in s4 so he kind of speaks some French here so :)

Anthony had always thought that being with Five was a bittersweet and somewhat heartbreaking experience because he had always known since the start that they were working on begged and borrowed time. There was always some sort of threat hanging over them, making it clear that their moments were limited.

He had known this for a while, even when they still naive together at the Commission, and he had accepted fairly early on that they weren't going to be a forever thing. Anthony always knew that his future with Five would never work out they way he wanted it to, so he had just tried to make the most of every single second he could get with him.

It was kind of scary how fast he changed from being okay with any little time they got together to being entirely broken and bruised when their relationship first came to an end. Love was a terrifying thing, and Anthony only realized that after it was taken from him.

But now everything was so different, so different, from how they had first started; they weren't at the Commission anymore, they weren't stuck in a time they didn't belong in, and they were in a timeline where the world wasn't going to end in a matter of days, which meant they had all of the time they could ever possibly want.

And the most important one of all, Anthony was finally free from everything. There was no one telling him what he could and couldn't do, no one to constantly remind him of what they thought he was doing wrong, and no one to hurt him for just loving someone. Anthony was finally free from the shackles they had held on him, they couldn't hurt him anymore and he could love without the fear of their consequences.

It was slightly overwhelming, to suddenly be allowed to feel okay in your own body and mind after spending years being conscious and scared of it. It was a good kind of overwhelming though, because he felt so relieved, happy and even excited just by knowing that he could be himself and that no one could tell him otherwise.

Anthony was more than grateful to still be with his husband after all of this time, from when he thought their fling would last a couple months to now being hopelessly devoted to each other with their entire lives. It was a good thing, because they truly did need each other.

Five loved Anthony the way that he always wanted and needed to be loved, in a way that he never even thought that he possibly ever could be loved. He reciprocated those feelings too, dedicating his entire body, mind and souls to his lover as if it was nothing, allowing himself to be vulnerable but secure in their relationship.

There had been a lot of feelings the past few months, from their reunion in 2019 to the separation again in 1963, they were more than relieved to be back in their timeline, even if it wasn't the exact same.

Anthony's younger body was starting to drive him a little crazy though, and he was almost certain that Five felt the same way. He seriously felt as if he was actually a teenager again, his hormones had already been going crazy ever since his body has regressed, but only now did either of them ever really act on those feelings.

Laying on the bed in their hotel room, Anthony genuinely wasn't sure how long they had even been kissing for. It had surely been at least fifteen minutes, but he was too caught up in his lover to even care about the time right now. The only thing that really mattered was Five's lips on his and the feeling of his hands roaming his body.

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