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A/N - Five gets high for the first time lol. I imagine this takes place at least three or four years after s3, but I can't say for sure because we don't know how s4 starts.

Anthony doesn't really change when he's high, he just laughs more and uses it as a way to relax. Weed is also legal in New York where they are so it's okay.

I also may or may not have been under some sort of influence while writing this. Anyways-

CW - recreational drug use (but if you're watching Umbrella Academy I don't think you have a problem with that lol), blowjobs, sex while high, praise, degradation, choking, unprotected sex etc etc

Anthony felt as if his body was almost floating as he sat on the cold floor of the bathroom in their  apartment, sitting between his husband's legs with his back pressed against his chest, reaching up to pass the lit blunt to him. Their fingers brushes together as they exchanged the cigarette, and he felt a chill throughout his entire body as if it was the first time they had ever touched.

He watched carefully as Five lifted it to his lips, inhaling before he leaned his head back against the wall and exhaled, his eyes closed and his mouth slightly parted. Anthony's brain felt mushy, and the only thing he could really focus on was the way his husband looked right now.

Only minutes ago Anthony had been sitting on his lap, taking drags of the cigarette himself before kissing his husband and exhaling the smoke into his mouth. It was Five's first time after all, and they had both agreed it would be better to try that before letting him do it himself.

Five coughed for the seventh time that night as the smoke filled his lungs once more, still getting used to the strange sensation and the feeling of burn in his lungs. Anthony watched as he exhaled the smoke into the air in-front of them; he was jealous of it in a way, how it could be in places of Five that he never could be, a part of his breathing and inside of his body.

"Mm," Five hummed quietly as he handed him back the blunt, Anthony putting it between his own lips almost immediately before it had the chance to loose the taste of his lips. "I'm starting to see why you like doing this so much," he mumbled, leaning his head against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall.

Anthony nodded as he pursed his lips to exhale the smoke from his mouth, a strand of hair falling in front of his eyes in the process. "I always told you that your life would be so much easier if you just got high every once and a while," he commented with a small laugh. "It just makes everything disappear for a bit," he laughed again as if he was saying something funny.

"My head feels weird," Five mumbled.

He could feel husband's green, now turned red and puffy, eyes on him, a lazy grin on his face as he watched him. "Fucking lightweight," Anthony commented, leaning into him affectionately.

Anthony passed him back the cigarette, and once it was out of his grip he used his free hand to touch the side of Five's face, trailing a gentle finger down his jawline and the side of his neck, his eyes not leaving him for a moment. Five only then realized how much more intensely he was feeling everything right now; even the smallest touches we're sending shivers down his spine.

Five leaned down as his hand touched the side of his husband's face lightly, moving his fingers to his chin and lifting it up slightly. He leaned forward, pressing their lips together before he opened his mouth, exhaling the smoke into his partner's mouth, the same way Anthony had done it to him earlier. He closed his eyes as he breathed in the smoke, relishing in the feeling of sharing something so close with Five, holding it for a moment before he exhaled into the room.

Anthony felt his heart beating quickly in his chest as they moved away slightly, watching as Five leaned back against the wall and took a long drag, not coughing this time. Fuck he looked way too attractive doing that. He had been with Five for years, through multiple decades and multiple timelines, but somehow the intense attraction he felt towards his husband still surprised him sometimes.

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