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Stan was in his room alone with his thoughts. He told Kyle and them he was busy but he wasn't. He didn't know why he had said that but there was no going now. The fact is he couldn't stop thinking about his best friend Kyle, he knew he was best friend nothing more but still hated the fact that his heart wanted something more he hated it so much he's been blowing off kyle just as a way to get his annoying thoughts away. He didn't like kyle. For fucks sake he had just broke up with wendy last week he cant just have a crush on someone that fast.

Stan was so lost in thought he didn't know he was crying. But then out of nowhere his phone started ringing, he jumped his heart hoping it was kyle. Stan grabbed his phone, it was just Wendy, he let it ring for a little before answering.

“Hello?” Stan said

“Hey stan i know we haven't talked since you know” she paused like she was inferring something

“Oh- yeah what about it” stan sounded dead with no emotion

“Um- i was wondering if we could hang out, as friends of course, at the park” Wendy spoke shyly

Stan didn't want to go anywhere but he also couldn't just sit there wasting the day away so he agreed “yeah sure”

“Ok” she said happily and stan wanted to throw up “i'll see you at starks park in a half an hour is that fine”

“Yeah that's fine cya” stan hung up

He put his hands on his face for a minute then got up. I'm gonna regret this, He thought, going to get in the shower and get ready.

Stan walked to the park, hands in his pockets. He made sure to be late because he didn't want Wendy to think he wanted her. He arrived at the park to Wendy waving to him

“Hey Stannn” she spoke walking over to stan

“Hey” Stan responded “Whats up”

The two started walking around the park and talking about how they've been and it was going ok until Wendy started getting a little too close for comfort

“So i know we broke up and we do this all the time but i swear this last time was a mistake i promise, can we get back together” Wendy asked in her cute voice and stan was just annoyed

“I- um” Stan wanted to say yes but he remembered what kyle said a while back to him ‘she's just using you she want to manipulate you to get more popular dont fall for it again’

Stan got pulled out of thought to Wendy pressing her lips onto his. Stan's eyes widened but turned into anger

“Wtf Wendy!” Stan shouted pushing he off of him as he threw up in his mouth

“W-what? What's wrong?

“I'm done with this. you break up just to be with someone else for a little just to come running back to use me again im sick of it. Don't think of talking to me after this you’re just a manipulative bitch” Stan stormed off he didn't know what he what he was thinking his thoughts were so scattered

Stan started crying as he was walking home. He just wanted everything to be fine. He arrived home going straight to his dads room grabbing a bottle of beer chugging it; forgetting everything just as he wanted.

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