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'This is gonna be the new talk of the school'

Stan and Kyle laid watching the clouds until Stan suggested going to get something to eat. They got up and held hands as they walked to the nearby mcdonalds to get food. They ordered and ate there talking about random stuff. After they were finished eating, they went back to Kyle's house. They played video games and cuddled until they fell asleep

(Time skip Monday morning)

Stan woke up to his alarm and sat up patting Kyle to wake up as well "come on, we got to get ready for school" Stan said softly
Kyle sat up and gave Stan a peck on the lips before getting up
They both changed into their normal clothes for school and went down to heat up some food. They settled on heating up potarts and just eating them along the way to the bus stop.
Cartman and Kenny showed up after they arrived and all of them went to school with no problems.
Stan and Kyle walked to their lockers together. There was plenty of time before school actually started.
"So do you think we're gonna tell anyone?" Kyle asked Stan
"Idk yet maybe after a little while because i don't wanna get bullied yet or anything-" Stan said but got cut off by a printed out picture of him and Kyle kissing with the words 'fag' on it "What-?"
"Whats wrong" Kyle asked concerned
"Look" Stan showed Kyle the picture "i- i don't know how someone got a picture of this"
"Oh no, do you think they've spread it around too" Kyle now had a panic look on his face
"I don't know, let's just go to class," Stan said, sighing. He was gonna find this person.
"Ok" Kyle said and the two walked to their first block class.
They entered the class and all eyes flew to the two, immediately. There were some whispering things to each other. Stan tried to ignore it and went to sit down dragging Kyle to sit down. The class stopped staring after they sat down
"Don't worry about everyone if they say anything, ignore it and tell me i will beat them up" Stan whispered to Kyle
Kyle nodded and Stan noticed it made him feel a little better and that made him happy. If anyone wants to say or do anything I will have a nice talk with them, he thought. Then they started class.

After they got done with their morning classes Stan made sure to meet up with Kyle to make sure nothing happened. Then the two walked to lunch and sat down at their usually table
"Guys is fag 1 with his little boyfriend fag 2, awwww" Cartman said immeditly after they had sat down
"Can't you just keep your god damn mouth shut for two fucking seconds, you fucking fatass" Kyle slight shouted firing with anger
"Well how about you go kiss my ass jew," Cartman was pushing it "oh wait you already did that to Stan" he laughed to himself thinking he was so funny
"If i wasn't in the school right now id beat the living shit out of you" Kyle replied
"Oh well that too bad haha kiss my ass faggot" Cartman pushed too far of the line
Kyle got up and punched Cartman to the point where he fell off his chair and got a nose bleed. "I said shut the fuck up" Kyle said and left the lunch room before anything could happen
Stan sat there wide-eyed watching as Cartman started crying like a baby. Stan got up and filled Kyle not wanting to be left alone.
Stan knew Kyle would go to the bathroom so that's where he went and just as he thought Kyle was right there "hey, man" Stan said and linked eyes with kyle
"Hey" Kyle said he was sitting on the floor in the corner not caring about how dirty it was "I'm so sick of Cartman dude. Like im tired of his fucking bullshit"
Stan sat next to him and hugged him and he hugged back "i know, i don't even know why we're still friends with him"
"I don't know either" Kyle said "i wish i could've beat him up more but i didn't want to get in too much trouble"
"Yeah" Stan agreed "Cartman's probably gonna tell the counselor and exaggerate it and then get you in more trouble then you should be in"
"Sounds like something Cartman would do" Kyle sighed leaning farther onto Stan.
Stan kissed Kyles forehead and patted his head "i'll make sure to keep you safe, i promise"
"I love you"
"I love you more"
The bell for class rang and Stan and Kyle walked to class holding hands, they decided if their relationship was gonna be public because someone is spreading pictures around, then there's no point in denying it.
Cartma tries to annoy the two, but Stan made sure Kyle ignored him. It was to the point that even the teacher and to tell him to be quiet multiple times
"Kyel if you don't respond your gay" Cartman said grinning and Kyle stayed persistent
"Eric Cartman, i'm done with your talking, go to the office" mr garrison said annoyed
Stan and Kyle fist bumped as Cartman exited the classroom complaining.
A few minutes later Mr garrison got a call to tell Stan and Kyle to go to the office. The two knew exactly why and sighed getting up and walking there.
They entered the office holding hands then sitting down "SEE i told you their PDA, suspend them, im uncomfortable." Cartman yelled at the counselor
"Eric their not doing anything wrong mkay, i can't punish them if their not doing anything mkay," mr makey said unamused.
"Kyle also punched me at lunch and your not gonna do anything about that, i'm gonna call the school board don't test me" cartman spoke aggressively
"Well Kyle did you do that, mkay?" mr mackey asked
"Yes sir, but Cartman was calling us slurs and making me and Stan uncomfortable" Kyle said politely
"I wasn't saying anything kyel, you stupid Jew"
"You are literally the worst liar Cartman, cut it out." Stan said fed up with the situation
"Mkay boys, lets quiet, mkay" Mr Mackey silenced everyone "how about you all just just ignore each other mkay, Eric don't say anything to Kyle and Stan if you don't want a bad response next time mkay?"
"This is total bullshit" Cartman said getting up and leaving "im calling the school head on you"
"I'm so sorry boys, Eric is out of control, mkay you guys are dismissed, go back to class i'll try to deal with him, mkay" Mr mackey said
"Good luck" Stan and Kyle said in unison as they exited the room. There was no sign of Cartman anywhere so they just went back to class. Yet when they turned the corner of the hallway Cartman was standing there and punched Stan knocking him over.
"Ha that's what you get kyel" Cartman ran away before Kyle could go off so he just crouched over to see if Stan was alright
"Omg Stan are you alright?" Kyle said worriedly, sitting Stan up, his nose was bleeding
"Yeah im ok im just sick of that bastard" Stan gets up holding his nose and the two walk to the nurses office. Kyle made sure to get him some tissues and the nurse got him an ice bag.
"How did this happen boys?" the nurse said concerned
"We meet in the office with Eric Cartman" Stan started and the expression on her face made an 'oh' "and he tried to get us in trouble, when we went to go back to class he jumped us and punched me in the face and then ran away"
"Oh my i'm so sorry boys ill tell the principle what has happened and get him what he deserves" she said "If you two want to go home i'll excuse you for the day"
"Ok we will thank you miss" Kyle responded "lets go to your house stan" he said grabbing Stan's hand They made sure to grab their stuff from class before leaving, telling the teacher what had happened and then walked out of the school together. The entire walk they talked about how much they hated cartman.

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