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Stan woke up first stretching out and turning off his alarm clock and waking up Kyle. Kyle woke up as well and they both got ready for school. After they were ready they both held hands on their way to the bus stop.

Kenny was there early so he waved to them “Where's cartman?” he asked

Kyle and Stan looked at eachother and gave the should we say look “Well lets just say he got arrested” Stan said

“No fucking way, dude” Kenny shouted muffled by his jacket “what did that fatass do”

“He threatened to kill me” Kyle chimed in “with a gun” he added

“Shit dude, are you alright?” Kenny gave a sympathetic look at Kyle

“Yeah luckily Cartman is too much of a fatass to check the most obvious hiding spots” Kyle chuckled.

The bus showed up and ended their conversation short. They headed to school. It was partly relieving that Cartman wasn't gonna be here for a while, but all the gossip is gonna be crazy. Stan and Kyle agreed to keep the reason why Cartman threatened them to themselves; mainly because they wanted to keep their relationship secret, for the most part.

They entered the school and it seemed pretty normal until everyone got into class.

“So just to let you all know Eric Cartman won't be joining us in class for a while; thank god” Mr garrison said the last bit under his breath but still audible “So make due with your grace period while you can.”

The class laughed at the response the teacher had given and they went back to normal class.

Lunch time rolled around and Stan and Kyle walked to the lunch room and sat at their normal table with everyone else. It was destined for someone to ask the two about what happened but it didn't until butters came and ran up to the table.

“Hey fellas apparently Eric got arrested for trying to shoot someone” Butters said sitting next to everyone at the table

“Yep he did, that fatass got what he deserved” Kyle added in

“Wait Kyle, Do you know who it was ?” Butters asked

“Me” He said not looking up from his food yet still felt all the eyes of the table turn to him

“Oh Jesus, are you alright Kyle?” Butters asked again

“Yeah i'm alright don't worry about it”

The others continued to talk about it making up fake scenarios of what could've happened. Stan just turned to Kyle and patted his head

“Its ok Kyle, everyone gonna talk, don't worry about them” Stan smiled making sure Kyle was ok

“Ik im just scared someones gonna make fake accusations or even find out about us” Kyle said

“Don't worry ill take care of anything, just tell me and i'll handle it alright” Stan spoke softly

Kyle smiled at Stan and nodded “ok i will”

The lunch period finally ended and they went back to normal class, by the end of the day people started doing the look and whisper thing towards Stan and Kyle. The two tried to get out of school before anyone wanted to ask them anything.

They decided to go to the park instead of going home. Saying there's nothing else to do at their houses besides video games.

Stan ran straight to the swings like he always does and immediately started swinging. Kyle laughed catching up to Stan and pushed him on the swing. When it was just them every problem seemed to fade away and all thoughts managed to focus on the other.

By the time it got dark they were tired and just chose to go for a walk around the lake. The two walked enjoying eachothers company and holding hands.

“This is nice” Stan smiled staring at the others bright green eyes “just you and me”

“Yeah” Kyle couldn't help but smile back.

Before they knew it their hands found their way to the designated spots and they kissed. The passion floated between them melting any thoughts or problems. After they broke it for air Kyle brung Stan into a warm hug snuggling into his chest

“I love you so much” kyle said

“I love you too, my love” Stan responded “lets get home, it's getting pretty late”

“Ok” kyle let go of Stan and they started walking to one of their houses, Stans arm not leaving Kyles waist

As soon as the two got home they changed into pajamas and got into bed.

Stan finished changing and got into Kyle's bed. He watched as Kyle took off his shirt revealing his torso. Stan's mind immediately filled with thoughts of kissing him everywhere there. Kyle caught him staring and smirked.

“You like what you see?” Kyle asked

Stan blushed and covered his face “i wasn't looking at anything, totally”

Kyle laughed putting on a t shirt and getting next to Stan “ok sure”

Stan smiled looking at Kyle “your so handsome”

“Thank you” kyle blushed “you are too”

The two get tired and fall asleep in eachothers arms. Ending the day like they wished they could every night.

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