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Stan and Kyle arrive at Stan's house, putting their school stuff in Stan's room, and decide to just play video games for a while. A few hours later; they weren't expecting anyone, so when the doorbell rang and there was pounding on the door. Stan and Kyle looked at each other and knew exactly who it was Cartman.
Stan sighed and got up "i'm gonna tell him your not here so we don't get any problems ok"
Kyle agreed and stayed in the other room so he could hear but not be seen. Stan opened the door to reveal just who he suspected "what do you want, fatass."
"You and your faggy boyfriend got me suspended, FOR A WEEK" Cartan shouted stomping around making a fit
"Probably because you deserve it" Stan responded
"Well tell Kyel that i wanna see him, that fucking annoying jewbag." Cartman said
"He's not here dumbass just leave me alone" Stan said closing the door on Cartman
Cartman pushed on the door not letting it close "no i know he's here i want to kill that Jew"
"Dude get out before i call the police on you" Stan said raising his tone
"you can't do that fag im gonna find kyle" Cartman said pushing Stan down pulling a gun out and getting inside
Stan pulled out his phone and dialed the number "help there's someone breaking and entering my house and is threatening to kill my boyfriend" Stan said to the people on the phone "yeah its [insert address] hurry" he put his phone down and ran towards Cartmanhe hoped to god that kyle was hiding in a safe spot.
"Cartman Quit it the police are on their way what the fuck is wrong with you" Stan yelled
"I'm sick of people trying to ruin my life, and if you keep trying to stop me I'll kill you too" He said, now searching the upstairs of the house.
Stan herd the sirens and ran outside to get their attention "please hurry he has a gun in there"
The police nodded and went into the house to get Cartman. Stan was worried sick of Kyle, he wanted to go in there and save him. So he did; he ran back inside and everyone else was upstairs so Stan went to the kitchen and found Kyle hiding, scared.
"Come on hun we need to get outside quick, everyone upstairs" he grabbed Kyle's hand helping him up and hugging him on the way running out. The two sat down behind the cop cars where a few cops started asking them questions. Kyle was clinging onto Stan the entire time.
Less than a few minutes later there was a gunshot then silence. Everyone looked towards the house when the cops had Cartman in cuffs. It didn't look like anyone was injured so they all sighed in relief.
Cartman was arrested for breaking into private property and the holding of a weapon. The police made sure Stan and Kyle were alright before leaving with Cartman.
Once the two boys got inside Kyle gave Stan a hug, holding him like it was the last time they would "i'm so glad that's over with" kyle said
Stan hugged back rubbing Kyles back in comfort "i know, i don't understand why Cartman became so psychotic"
"Yeah that was terrifying, i'm glad we won't have to deal with him anymore" Kyle was relieved
Stan nodded cupping Kyle's face and brung him into a passionate kiss. Kyle kissed back and brought his arms to Stan's neck. The kiss made them forget about everything at the moment, it was just them, no one stopping them or anything. They broke off the kiss for air and decided to go to Stan's room to cuddle
The two laid into eachothers arms going to sleep being grateful to have each other.

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