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Time skip (Friday of school)

Stan got up and got ready for school just like every other day. This week went by relatively fast so that was a good thing that means it's the weekend. He was mostly excited for the weekend because he was staying over at Kyles the whole time because his parents are going out of town.

Stan packed clothes and everything he needed for staying over in his backpack and headed off to school. Stan arrived at the bus stop to see Kyle, so he ran up to him and tackled him. Not enough to knock him over though.

“Hey man!” Stan said

Kyle laughed “Hey whats up, dude” he pushed Stan in the shoulder back as payment

“I have everything for the sleepover in my bag so we can just go straight to your house after school” Stan said excitedly

“Sick dude!” Kyle smiled “wanna stay up all night playing video games?”

“Obviously” Stan fake rolled his eyes, “Let's not say anything to the others or their gonna want to go over as well”

“Yeah we don't want cartman stalking us in the night because he couldn't come over” Kyle responded and immediately after cartman showed up and the two switched up the conversation and acted like nothing is happening

“Hey gays” Cartman said hes been saying stuff like that ever since they switched hats for school and it was annoying but not bad enough to just ignore

The two ignored Cartman and laughed between them. Cartman got mad and went in between the two pushing them apart and standing in the middle of them “What you gays talking about”

“Shut the fuck up fatass” Kyle said in responce pushing Cartman back like he did him and Stan laughed in response

“No you, you stupid Jew” Cartman walked back to his usual spot and started a conversation with Kenny about how annoying the two were

The bus showed up at normal time and the four boys got in; stan and Kyle in the back on one side and Kenny and Cartman in the back opposite to the others.

They went to school like normal but Stan was counting the minutes, he doesn't know why he was so excited to see Kyle again and everytime he thought about sitting next to him, or sleeping next to him his heart flutters. He tried to convince himself it was just because they are best friends, nothing more. It's not like he wanted to kiss Kyle or anything like that no todally not.

It was in the middle of Stan's last class and he was so lost in thought he didn't even realize he was staring right at Kyle, until Kyle tapped him and snapped him out of his trance. He realized he was making eye contact with Kyle, and blushed.

“You ok dude? You were staring at me for so long” Kyle asked concerned

“Oh- uh yeah sorry i zoned out” Stan smiled making that excuse

Kyle nodded and turned back to do his work and Stan tried to stabilize his breathing. What is going on with him? He thought, yet he didn't want to admit to himself that he had a crush because he couldn't; Kyle is his best friend, that would be weird and on the other hand, Kyle is straight and he didn't want to ruin the friendship. God why are crushes so confusing.

The bell rang and the entire class got up. Stan stood by Kyle's desk waiting for him to get all of his stuff. Kyle got up and started walking out Stan following. They started small conversations during the entire walk home, they didn't take the bus because they didn't want Cartman butting in and forcing them to let him come too.

They finally made it to Kyle's house and raced to Kyle’s room, Stan winning and plopping back on Kyle’s bed, laughing.

“Soooo” Kyle dragged out “do you wanna play video games?”

“Hell yeah, dude” Stan said getting up and grabbing Kyles controllers before Kyle could, and handed on to him then winked “got you man”

Kyle rolled his eyes and grabbed the other controller “Thanks bitch”

They both sat down next to each other and started playing, slightly punching each other every time they were mad at each other. Playing for about a few hours until they got bored of the game.

Stan laid flat on the bed looking at Kyle “im bored”

“Well what do you wanna do?” Kyle asked looking at Stan

“We could watch a movie” Stan suggested

“Ok that's fine with me” Kyle got up and searched for a movie they could watch “go get some popcorn and drinks and i'll pick out a movie”

Stan got up and nodded “alright” he went downstairs and got what Kyle had asked. He knew where everything was because Kyle's house was like his second home. He went back upstairs and handed Kyle the stuff  “Here” he said and sat down next to him.

“Thanks” Kyle responded and they both got situated, propping themselves on pillows and covering themselves with blankets.

Stan liked that he was sitting right next to Kyle. He had the urge to lean his head on his shoulder and embrace Kyle but he had self control. But nothing was stopping him from admiring Kyle’s features; How he looked so cute focusing on the movie, face lit up just enough to show his expressions, and emerald eyes, his soft lips that would be nice to kiss all night. Stan blushed a lot and tried to focus more on the movie not wanting Kyle to catch him staring again. He needs to stop thinking about things like that.

A half an hour later Stan was getting sleepy from the movie and let his head drift, landing on Kyle's shoulder, half asleep.

Kyle was just enjoying the movie until he felt something lean on him, he turned and saw Stan asleep laying on him. Kyle blushed, and felt his heart flutter, he smiled and shifted so Stan was laying on his chest. kyle started playing with his hair and continued watching the movie until he fell asleep

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