episode 29

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yelling Tum asa kasa kar sakta ho Mera Sathe Tum pr Sirf Mera haq hai Tum Sirf Mera ho I went you in any coast shah Sahab by hock or croak I

will kill that bitch and called beejaan and told her every thing ®

Beejaan:;'kaal hi ati ho kerta hain phir Kuch iss shehnaaz ka.

At night Sidharth come in his room and saw her beautiful wife sleeping peacefully and he decided to not distrube her remove his shirt and wear

his shorts and took her in his arms and sleep curdling her

his shorts and took her in his arms and sleep curdling her

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Next morning

She wakeup and saw her in his protective arms he was holding her from her waist and she. Was sleeping on his bare chest she blushed after realizing their position and try to come out of his hold slowly she. Slowly remove his hands and went for Fresh up she. Wear a beautiful shalwar suit and did minimum makeup and color her lips with red
lipstick and went down to prepare her hubby favourite's breakfast

Afr preparing the breakfast for everyone she coming out of the kitchen when she saw three jeep stop Infront of the haveli and her lips covered with a peaceful smile to see. Rita maa and. Syeda she runss to
them and hugged them

Sheh: CHOTI Ammi ap ana wali thi bataya BHI nhi Apne both kisses

on her forehead and said kesi ha Meri bachi and there comes a devilish
voice from back

“Band kro ab yeh Sab koi Hajj parh kr nhi aye aur larki Tum apni tameez BHI bhul Gai ho ke baro ko Salam na Dua Kya angrezo ki tarah chipki chali jarahiho "

Shehnaaz: Asalam o alaikum bee Jan Kissed on her palm

Beejaan: han han theek haai theek hai ,Jao jakar nashta banao bohot bhook lagi hai

Amber come running towards bejaan she hugged her

Amber: bee Jan

Beejaan hugged her back and said

Beejan: ao meri shehzaadi kesi ho

Shehnaaz went in kitchen and arranged. Breakfast on the dining table with help of  Sunita kaki and all the maids

Rita: shehnaaz. Shah Sahab Kahan hai -

Kush with teasing look: maa Bhai aj Kal bohaat busy rehte hai woh Raat ko late sotay hai or subha BHI Apne room mein bhabhi Ke sth hi nashta krtay hain

shehnaaz understand his double meaning talks and Blushes. Hearing Asfan grab kush neck : chup hoja Kya bakwas kr rha hai sab ke samne

Sheh: Ammi woh sorhe hai me abhi ati hu utha ke

Bee Jan said in anger :jaldi ana aisa na ho Tum BHI wahin rehjao wese BHI Tumhe. Kamre mein janay ka bahan chajiye. Hota hai

Asfand fist his hand in anger she went in her room and. Saw him still sleeping she went near him and said ®

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