From my mother's womb

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From my mothers you formed me,

you formed every print on my finger, every hair on my head. 

You gave me a name, you gave me my purpose. 

From my mother's womb you called me your own. 

From my mother's womb you saw in me what i can not see in myself

From my mothers womb... 

From my mother's womb, he tried to wound me. 

He tried to attack me, to take my life so that your purpose would not be fulfilled. 

He planted those thoughts in my head and continued the addictions of old.

From my mother's womb, a war started. A fight for me begun, for which one would receive this seed as their own. 

Life battled death. 

Light battled darkness. 

My mother shed a tear from the pain of her tears

and the cramps that she felt, were deeper than the physical.

and the blood that she shed was lesser than his.

and the way she gripped her stomach was weak to the grip of the father.

Which can not be released. 

My mother's womb cried as the fight gave it's last effort,

the devil tried his greatest, he draws his sharpest weapons which act as hicks to my mother's uterus. 

Stabbing once, she screams.

Stabbing twice, she screams louder.

Stabbing three times and her voice is lost...

the noise is gone... 

The fight is over...

A high pitched shout. 

I am born.

Soon to be born again. 

The fight is won. 

The angels drop their weapons and rejoice. 

For the battle has been won.

Fimi Babalola

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