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A seat at the table of the enemy comes at easy entry.

It costs close to nothing yet costs you absolutely everything.

He is welcoming despite what they all say, waiting at the head of the table with open arms and a wide smile

But behind that deceiving smile is a spirit ready to destroy you.

Pretending that the food on the table is what he is ready to devour but it is my soul he hungers for.

He begins with the starters, pulling the plate of my purity closer to him diving into it with a knife

Yet his hunger is not satisfied,

He wants more.

And the scary revelation dawns on me that as long as I'm alive he will always want more.

Done with the starters he wastes no time consuming my strength.

Taking it away all while watching me cry as i become weak without it.

He finishes off with dinner this time pushing the plate toward me, wanting to share what's in front of him.

I look down to the plate, tired... weak... impure...

I see condemnation piping hot in front of me. He hands me a shiny silver spoon raising his brows for me to take it

"I have tasted this one many times, you will enjoy it."

He persuades me to grab the spoon from him, I lift the spoon of condemnation but i can't put it in my mouth.

Even with all of the things i have done, i can not taste condemnation

The devil sits shocked when the spoon refuses to enter between lips

He doesn't know a sharp two edged sword occupies my lips already,

It can not be moved, it can not be shifted

Condemnation can not find it's way within me

Because i am in Jesus Christ.

Fimi Babalola

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