INTRO: La Infancia

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TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains scenes of child abuse, depression, or self-harm. The story depicts scenes and themes related to mental health struggles. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, please seek support from a qualified professional or contact a helpline for assistance. 


Mom disappeared. Father said she died. After they were ripped away from their mother when she took them to leave the house, Midnight hadn't seen his mother, however much he looked. He couldn't see his big brother as well. His big brother had gone missing—no. His father was hiding his big brother from him again. Even at a young age, Midnight could feel that his father did not want him to be close to his big brother.

Their mother would always tell him that his big brother did not feel the same way as their father, that his big brother loves him dearly, but why was his brother not coming to see him and play with him more? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not worthy to play with big brother?

With that thought in a child's head, Midnight couldn't help recalling his father's words when they bumped into each other in the garden.

'Such a burden and useless child.'

Midnight pressed his lips together. Am I a burden to big brother? Am I useless?

Questioning his worth and his big brother's love again and again, Midnight retreated to the corner of his room. The trembling five years old Midnight hugged himself and closed his eyes as the darkness in his mind swallowed him. He did what his mom had told her to do if he was scared and need help—he prayed.

Lord, please bring mama back. Please tell me that dad is just lying. Mama will come back. She promised me.

His mom couldn't be dead. He didn't believe his father. Mama will never leave me. She promised him he'll take him far, far away from this house with his big brother so they could always play together. He could finally spend time with his big brother whenever he wanted to without being punished by their father. Mom promised me will be together and happy. Please, lord, don't take mom away. Big brother will be very sad. I will be very sad too.

He remained in the corner. Praying for his mother to come and get him and his big brother to play with him again. He wanted nothing but to be with them all the time. Because in this cold and terrifying house, he only had his mother and brother. He couldn't lose them. He wouldn't survive.

Without his mother's incessant begging, his father would surely take his big brother away and they won't be able to play together again. Midnight did not want that. He wanted to be with his brother all the time. He didn't want to be separated from his big brother.

But however much the five-year-old Midnight pray, his mom never came back, and his big brother never showed up.

Lacking sleep from waiting for his mother, the next day, he was taken by the person working for his father to a room.

At a very young age, he learned that crying would only anger his father and the surrounding people, so he held back his tears and asked in a quivering voice. He was also used to being taken away for a private lesson by his father.

"W-what is my lesson today?" I have to do better so I won't be mama and big brother's burden. What if his mama and big brother found him useless? He had to work hard.

The cold, emotionless eyes of the person in front of him did not even look at him and just push him inside the dark room. "Stay here until I said so. This will train your scotopic vision. If you want to get out of here early, train your eyes to see in the dark." With those words, the door slammed closed, leaving Midnight inside the dark room. Alone.

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