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MIDNIGHT never liked cakes, but he couldn't throw the cakes he bought for his big brother. He ate it while on the plane to Pennsylvania even when the sweetness made him cringed. He finished every last bit of it, leaving nothing behind.

After the plane landed, he considered discarding the phone Sun gave him to contact his brother secretly, but he couldn't throw it away. It remained off, but he held onto it tightly.

From the airport, he went to the apartment Orlando arranged for him. As soon as he arrived, he received a mission from his father.

Mission: Establish a connection with Dominick Quinn. Observe and report.

The word used was observed, but Midnight knew it meant 'spy'.

Without replying to the message, it disappeared from his inbox.

Arriving at his new apartment, he casually looked around, noting the placement of the CCTV cameras, which he knew were connected to Orlando, before settling down.

He let a day pass before he started preparing for his mission.

To establish a connection with Dominick Quinn, he could only think of one person.

Dominick Quinn's daughter. That old man seemed to care for his daughter so much.

But how to make a connection? Should I stage a kidnapping and save her again? Would that be possible without her father knowing? I doubt it.

Without a concrete plan in mind, Midnight started investigating Dominick Quinn's daughter.

It didn't take much effort to gather the basic information about Dominick Quinn's daughter. With the exception of address and phone number, all information was easily accessible. Given that her father held the position of second Arkhon, it was only natural for such a high level of security to be in place.

Happiness Quinn was homeschooled, but she was attending a workshop for jewelry making.

The workshop alone would provide ample chances to make contact.

On the other part of Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh, Dominick received a message from Ruthgar, his easy to annoy, but efficient tracker.

Ruthgar NotTheGreat: Someone just access the little princess' public information. The IP address took me to a wild goose chase, which tells me it's not an ordinary person. It irritated me so much that I want to beat that damn person up, but finally zeroed in on a location. It's an apartment in Harrisburg.

Dominick replied: Who's renting it?

Ruthgar NotTheGreat: Rented through a long ass list of chain of names, but the chain ended in Madrid, Spain.

Dominick: There's only one motherfucker I know in Madrid as of the moment who would be curious about my princess.

Then Dominick recalled that young man he met a while ago. Was it him doing Kelleon's bidding?

Ruthgar NotTheGreat: Yeah. It's Orlando, Kelleon's idiot right-hand man.

Dominick sighed: I already went into hiding and took my hands off of the Arkhontes. What more does that motherfucker want?

Ruthgar NotTheGreat: You know how Kelleon operates. I'm sure he's being paranoid.

Dominick: Then he shouldn't blame me for what I'm about to do.

Ruthgar NotTheGreat: Is that young man even willing?

Dominick shrugged and replied: we won't know until we try. Anyway, the moment he agreed, bury all his information until no one could dig it up.

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