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AT EIGHTEEN, Midnight finally found out what he was training for. And that was to be his brother's body double. From four laboratories, it had now become five. The last one was to where he studies his brother's movement, mannerism, and tone of speech. Because according to their father, he was born to be his big brother's double.

Basically, his big brother was more important than himself. And he never questioned it. At least, his brother was their father's favorite. As long as his brother was safe and happy. He was willing to give his life for him. Thus, he didn't reject his training to become his brother's shadow. He actually liked it. He felt like it brings him closer to his big brother.

"Our tests end here. You can go home now."

When Midnight heard that, he had no reaction inside and outside. He felt nothing, really, which was a normal occurrence to him. As he grew up being experimented on, his emotions gradually dwindled until it just disappeared. It didn't bother him, though. He doesn't care.

He used to, but not anymore.

What was the point of going home? There was no one there waiting for him, anyway.

Seeing Midnight's emotionless face, the head researcher, observing Midnight's reaction, inwardly smiled. After so many years, they finally eliminated his emotion. He still had a lingering emotion for his brother, but it was not as strong as before.

It was indeed an excellent decision to put a wedge between these two brothers. Now they were seeing the result after so many years.

Observing Midnight walked to the exit, the head researcher was satisfied. He even added it to his report.

As for Midnight, he went back to his room. It was dark, as usual, as he packed.

The laboratory staff moves fast. After he was done packing, he was sent to the airport and in a couple of hours; he landed in Spain.

Unlike his usual excited self a few years back, Midnight felt nothing as he entered their abysmal house.

Upon entering his bedroom, he dropped his backpack, went to the bathroom to shower, and changed into clean clothes. He was planning to sleep to pass the time when he heard a knock on the door.

Midnight moved to sit upright on the edge of the bed before saying, "it's open." This kind of sitting posture had been engrained on him as a test subject in the lab.

Not sitting upright constitutes punishment.

Midnight then looked straight at the door as it opened, and his eyes flickered with emotion when he saw who it was.


When his big brother closed the door behind him and smiled at him as if he was happy to see him, Midnight eased up and slowly, a smile formed on his lips. "Big brother..."

Knight walked over to Midnight and messed his hair. "How have you been, hermanito?"

Midnight's smile became carefree and happy. "I've been fine."

Knight stared at his little brother for a short while, assessing if he was really fine, before sitting beside him on the bed. "Where have you been?"

That question surprised Midnight. His big brother seldom asked him that. Does he really care? With that at the back of his head, he answered. "I don't know the name of the country." This was the truth. He was also flown there through a private plane. "But no worries. I'm fine." He even opened his arms to his big brother to show him he was unharmed.

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