3 - Make Out with Her Teacher

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3 - Make Out with Her Teacher

          I can stand a long drive but after driving from Harrington for five hours, I swear I've never been this tired. Well, partly because it was really an exhausting journey but mainly because of what happened there.

          Mrs. Gregory called me at ten o'clock in the evening. She was asking for Erwin but he went out and he never told me where he was going. I was going to end the call but I heard her crying so I asked her what's wrong. She told me she's sick and she needed someone to be with her. She had been like a mother to me when I stayed with them for almost a month so you can't really blame me for wanting to comfort her. So I abandoned my work and drove to Harrington.

          I found her lying on her sofa. An empty bottle of vodka was rolling on the floor. She was there crying and I think I heard her calling her son's name. She was a complete mess and when I saw her closely I wanted to kill Erwin.

          I grew up in an abusive family of my aunt. I never had the chance to experience being taken care of by a mother so when I saw how dedicated Mrs. Gregory was for her son, it really made me jealous. It really pains me to see her being ignored and taken for granted. If I ever had a mother like her I will never treat her like shit. But you can't really reason out with Erwin. He's a robot.

          "Mrs. Gregory, are you okay?" I asked her. She answered me with a whimper.

           I moved closer to her and sat at the end of the sofa. She was looking hopelessly at the ceiling. I touched her hand to catch her attention. She looked at me and slowly rose and sat next to me.

          "He did it," she blurted out. Tears were continuously rolling down her cheeks.

          I know the "he" was Erwin but I don't know who from all the people he killed was the one Mrs. Gregory was talking about. She was always turning a blind eye to the crimes of her son. I know she's doing that because she loves him. It also fascinates me that Erwin can't kill his mother. Maybe he wants to but he can't bring himself to do it. I like to think that no matter how monstrous Erwin is, he will always have a soft spot for his mom. Or maybe, he can't just really do it because he can't live without cash. He needs someone who'll continue making money for him.

          I reached out to Mrs. Gregory. I touched her hand and she immediately looked at it. I stared at her with sympathy and I hope I can make her feel better with my mere existence.

          "He killed Elmer," she whispered. I pulled her and comforted her with a hug. I was shocked at the revelation but of course, it's Erwin. He'll do whatever he wants.

          Elmer Gregory was Erwin's father. Mrs. Gregory told me he died when Erwin was two. She did it to cover up for her son, no doubt.

          "I know I lied. I did it for him," she added. "He was thirteen. His father beat him for not trying out for the soccer team. So he went upstairs to our room. He rummaged through his father's cabinet and he found a gun," she breathed heavily and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "I told everyone Elmer committed suicide. I don't want them to take my son from me."

          The liquor made it possible for Mrs. Gregory to confess. She ran her hand on her messy brunette hair out of frustration. She was lonely and maybe a little bit resentful to her son. She did everything for him but he can't seem to appreciate any of it. She misses Erwin, I bet. Maybe she thought she would never be this lonely if only her husband is still alive. I don't know if she can feel her conscience slowly gnawing at her heart.

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