II - Making plans

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[RECAP: Juliet, a senior at a strict Catholic high school, just found out that she has a hot new Latin teacher, Mr Carl Spencer.]

Afterwards they walked back through the courtyard together.

"Well that was a dead loss," Margot said.

Juliet asked what she meant.

"All that hot male talent and it's practically wearing a dog collar. Not that it matters, he's not my type."

"Isn't he?" Juliet thought a man that attractive would be anyone's type, particularly in the Great Man Desert that was St Gillian's.

"Too much of a Gilbert. As in Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables. Wholesome boy next door. I guess he's okay for a white guy."

Juliet nearly choked. "For a white guy? What does that mean? Your last three boyfriends were white."

"Yeah, and look where that got me. I think it's time to switch back. Mr Spencer is all yours, if that bitch doesn't get him first." She meant Cynthia, who had been making obvious eyes at the new Latin teacher all class.

"Well thank you kindly, ma'am, for leaving at least one specimen for me," Juliet said, her tone mock-sarcastic.

Margot shrugged. "He looks like the sort of guy who'd rather go for a bike ride and picnic than get down and dirty. The type of boy your parents would love you to date. If he wasn't your teacher, obviously. The kind of man who..."

"Okay, I get the picture!" Juliet said. "What makes you sure he wouldn't get down and dirty? He might have a whole secret life going on."

"Yeah, you just think that if you want to. Honestly, look at the guy. He actually had a bible on his desk. He's so much of a virgin that he makes the Pope look like a stud."

For some reason this annoyed Juliet. "I bet I could change that."

"I bet you could not."

"He's just a guy. He must have urges," Juliet said. "He probably had girlfriends at university, all students screw around."

Margot shot her a wicked glance. "Fifty bucks says he's a virgin and will still have his V-card by the end of the year."

"A hundred bucks says he won't."

Margot started laughing. "Girl, are we seriously betting on whether you can seduce our new Latin teacher?"

Juliet wavered for a moment, then felt resolute. "Yes. Why not?"

"I can think of a million reasons but they're all as sensible as hell. This actually sounds amusing. I'll even help you."

"You're not going to have a go yourself?"

"Jesus no," Margot said. "As I said he's not my type. I mean I wouldn't kick him out if I was feeling bored and horny, but the effort of seducing someone like that, no thanks. Not worth it. Imagine how useless he'd be in bed, the first time. All fumbling."

Margot was a lot more sexually experienced than Juliet. Even so, Juliet wasn't going to take her word for it.

"You never know. Some guys are naturally gifted." She had personally thought that Mr Spencer looked very capable.

"I can assure you he won't be. But if you want that hundred dollars so badly, I guess you'll find out one way or another."

* * *

It was a sunny day so they ate their lunch on the grass with their other friend, Fhemie, who didn't do Latin with them.

"So I heard Mr Bryan got fired and has a hot new replacement," Fhemie said. "What's he like?"

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