XVI - Struggling

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 It's also being published 100% FREE on Wattpad, but if you'd like to read it early, you can get it on Amazon for just 99c! (Click the "Buy on Amazon" link below)

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[RECAP: Juliet kissed her hot Latin teacher Mr Carl Spencer on Hallowe'en...]

Carl had always thought that "taking a cold shower" was just a joke, but this time he actually went to take one.

He was disturbed and aroused and shaken up: he couldn't get the sight of Juliet out of his mind. Or the memory of her lips on his.

Just the taste of her... the scent of her...

He had never seen her out of her school uniform before, or the modest blouse she had worn to his church. Now he couldn't stop thinking of how the curve of her breasts swelled from the low-cut neckline, or the smooth length of her thighs.

Obviously he'd seen women in revealing clothing before, he hadn't lived in a monastery since birth. But this was the first time he had been so closely confronted by the body of a girl whom he not only found arousing, but who was completely off-limits. Someone whom he'd been struggling not to think about for weeks.

Carl felt too guilty to even pray, though he tried. "Lord, if this is some kind of a test, please give me the strength to pass it."

He lay in bed, feeling wired. Trying to superimpose Rebecca's face onto Juliet's, but failing.

In the end he got up and looked at his clock. It was 3am. He pulled on some clothes and went for a jog around the block. Maybe if he exhausted himself physically he'd be able to collapse into a dreamless sleep?

Juliet... Juliet... Juliet... His feet were pounding along the sidewalk, drumming her name into his head.

How was he going to concentrate the next time he taught her Latin class? After what had just happened - when he should have stood back, kept his distance, made the three of them leave. He was equally to blame. Juliet had clearly had alcohol on her breath and wasn't fully in control of herself.

But he had been sober. He was the adult. The one who should have been in control.

The fact was he hadn't stepped back because he hadn't really wanted to. He had wanted to be close to her. He had wanted to breathe her in.

He had been tempted, and he had started to fall.

* * *

Juliet woke with her head pounding. It took her a few moments to remember where she was: at Fhemie's house. She never normally drank that much. What had she been thinking?

Opening her eyes, she looked across the room and saw Margot still asleep on the other guest bed.

Slowly the events of the previous evening were trickling back into her head. They flashed through in stages, like a movie trailer.

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