VI - Karaoke night

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[RECAP: Juliet is trying to seduce her Latin teacher Mr Carl Spencer. She's starting to get under his skin: he can't stop thinking about her when he's with his fiancée]

"I looked up Baptist churches. It must be one of these two." Margot showed Juliet the locations on her iPhone.

They were at Margot's house, getting ready to go out. She was lucky that she didn't have to babysit her younger siblings very often as her parents had a housekeeper who lived with them.

Vanessa, a cute five-year-old, bounced into the room.

"Can you come and play with my dolls? Can I try on your make up? Can you do my nail varnish?"

Margot rolled her eyes and reached into a drawer, where she kept some old make up just for this purpose.

"Here you go. Here's the special pink sparkly powder. But you keep quiet."

Vanessa started applying it like face paint, all over her cheeks and forehead.

Juliet laughed. "Here, you're supposed to put it on your eyelids. Close your eyes." Vanessa obeyed while Juliet applied it properly for her. "There, you look super sophisticated."

"Do I look like a princess? Can I come out with you to the ball? Can I wear my Cinderella dress?"

"Yes and no. We're not going to a ball, and you'd find it super boring," Margot told her.

They were meeting Fhemie in town, having told their respective parents and Juliet's Aunt Mary that they were going to the movies.

It was a warm evening so Juliet was wearing skinny black jeans and a silver crop top showing off her midriff, which was still tanned from summer. She kept outfits like this at Margot's house because her aunt would have burnt them and called for the priest to do an exorcism if she ever discovered them. Margot was wearing a skirt that barely covered her thong, with high heels. Her legs looked endless.

"You look like a Victoria's Secret model," Juliet said, admiring her friend.

"Except for the hair. They wouldn't let me on the catwalk with these," Margot said, arranging her braids.

"That's their loss."

They drove down to the city in Margot's car. Fhemie met them in the the usual place. "See this?" she said, showing them her arm which had a big scribbled line on it. "A tattoo thanks to Eunice. With a Sharpie so it won't come off. My god, Juliet, you are so lucky you don't have annoying little sisters."

Juliet, who would have loved to have had siblings, said nothing. Having lost both her parents and spending most of her childhood in a series of foster homes, she often felt very alone in the world. But she didn't like to talk about it with the others.

"So where are we going?" Fhemie asked.

"The Green Room," Margot told her, naming a popular bar that got busy without being crowded to the point of bursting.

"Awesome. Did you track down that hot Latin teacher yet?" Fhemie was fascinated by the bet between Juliet and Margot.

Juliet told her that they were still working on it. "Margot reckons we should try either the church on New Street or the one in Kennedy Avenue."

Fhemie wasn't impressed. "Why don't you just follow him home from school? I'll do it for you if you like. He doesn't know who I am, and I'm small. I can hide behind bushes."

They all burst out laughing at the idea of Fhemie stalking Mr Spencer.

"You might just ask him outright what church he goes to," Fhemie suggested.

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