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We sat in a circle, around a beer bottle, all too drunk to have some sense, and shift to the side of the hall. Here we were, in the middle of god-knows-whose house, playing truth or dare. We knew what would happen when the two things: the game and being drunk were combined. Recklessness and unwanted incidents were the only results.

"Just spin the damn bottle Veronica!" I said, clearly annoyed with her stupid rant about one of her ex-boyfriends. She was the bitch of the hour, and that just caused me to get to another party, that was way more fun than this one.

"Well, why don't you do it Miss Shitty Pants?" She retorted, glancing at her long, gawdy red painted nails. She seriously was a bitch.

I showed her the finger from one hand, while I took a drag from the cigarette from another. As I was ready to respond to her comment, I was cut off my Louis.

"Girls, come on now! Cut it! Lets have some fun!" Louis said.

Louis was the happy one in this whole ass group, and probably, the most trustworthy friend, I had ever had in my entire life. Katy and
Serena had been there too, but they were too distant and judgemental. I just couldn't be friends with girls, cause they themselves wouldn't be able to bear me. Thank god for Louis, I must say.

"Meet our new friend Harry. He's new here, so lets welcome him our way!" Stephen exclaimed as he hovered above all of us, by standing with a boy who appeared an artless guy. Our way of welcoming new people was making him or her drinking a whole tray of cherry vodka shots. Stereotypical ceremonies were patent for this group of arseholes.

The boy met his eyes with mine, and I could sense something weird about him. Nothing good or nothing bad. Just, weird. I gave him a disgusted look as he sat next to Veronica.

The bottle spinned, and then the head of it, landed towards me, and its bottom towards Veronica. Something bad was coming towards my way.

"Truth or dare, Ms. Shitty Pants?"

"Dare." Bring it on, byotch.

"Kiss Harry. Oh, by the way, on his lips." She added.

"Who the hell is Harry?" I asked, ready to perform the dare. I didn't mind kissing some random person. It was a part of my personality nowadays.

"Uh, the boy next to me?" She said, more like a question. She was surprised that I didn't know his name. Well, thats the reason we aren't friends girl.

"Sure." I got up from my place, and went straight to the weirdo. Oh, his name was Harry now.

His face held up in fear. It was as if it was his first kiss. But, I didn't bother to ask for a reply. Anyways, I had to complete the dare. If he had to be such an innocent kid, then he shouldn't have come there firstly.

I held his chin up and brought my lips to his. I could sense him getting uncomfortable, so I slipped my hand to his neck to keep his lips on mine. I could feel his cheeks burning with embarrassment. God, was he even a boy?

After a full-fledged kiss, I pulled away from a breathless Harry. I winked at his breathlessness and he drew a breath as I did that action.

Maybe I am just that breathtaking, I thought, emitted a sarcastic chuckle.

My people looked at me with strange faces, but maybe shrugged it off as they knew I was one mental hell of a woman.


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