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As I reached my house, the first thought in my mind that occurred was calling Harry.

You don't have his number. The annoying part in my mind said.

Deciding to complete the task after some time, I made myself a cup of coffee, and changed into a pair of shorts and a loose oversized t-shirt, with 'b*tch better have my coffee' scribbled on it. On point, I thought to myself.

After doing all of that, I finally sat on the couch, Orange Is The New Black playing on the television. I plugged my charger into the socket, and the phone's screen lit up after a few minutes, indicating that it was now awake from its 45 minute sleep. I overlooked all the messages and straight away put my plan to work, which the coffee had brought to my mind. I dialled a number, and within some rings, a grouchy voice picked up the phone.

"Westfolk Boys Hostel, may I know who am I speaking to?" She said.

I made my voice really shrill and said, "Hello there!I have a brother named Harry Styles who is staying in one of your rooms! May I talk to him please?!" I said, with a shit load of excitement in my voice, because I had to. Most of the sisters I knew would speak the same way for their brothers.

"Well, may I know whom am I speaking to?" She said, sounding a bit irritated.


"I'am uh, Anne Styles here." I couldn't get another name! What a stupid name for a girl.

"Sorry ma'am we don't give the room numbers out like that." She said. Now I was irritated.

"I need to give him a surprise! Its... Its his birthday! He's turning.. uh, a big boy and I'm so, oh goodly heavens, proud of him! Please ma-"

"Yeah yeah, I'll connect you to him." She accepted defeat. Maybe she was late for getting a smoke or something.

"Hey mom!"

Mom? Oh my god.

"Mom? You there?"

"Yes my son!" He would surely get it was me. I started laughing now. I just couldn't believe that my selection of name was actually his mother's.

"Wait, Tay? Is everything fine? Do you need help? Wait, text me your address I'll be right there, I --"

"Shut up! I am not being molested, nor am I accidentally or purposely hit by an object or a person here. Though, I need your help, you remember Andrew? Well he needs to learn who exactly I am. And, putting it straight to the point, I need you to be my bait." I said, rather breathlessly.

"I- uh-," God, not fucking again.

"Call me tomorrow morning with what you think." I then ended the phone. He was something, but that something would remain because I didn't know anything about him, nor did my conscience allow me to do so.


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