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character HOBI was selected

*Remember to try and pass the mission assigned during gameplay. Failing a mission or harming your character in anyway will cause an immediate termination of the round*


Hobi walks forward as he tries to take in his surroundings. A sudden buzz causes him to stop in place as he pulls out his phone which is now flashing due to a mission alert.

Steal $50,000 from the Main Bank and bring it to JOON.

Hobi quickly puts his phone away and darts across the street. He spots a thug and starts an attack for the gun which was attached to the man's leg.

The man quickly punches Hobi causing his health to go down. Eventually he knocks the man out and successfully grabs the gun.

He pulls up the map and marks the Main Bank, instantly getting directions to the destination. Hobi puts the map away as he looks for a car to steal.

He walks down to the end of the street to see a line of cars stopped at a red light. He recklessly runs to the best looking car he sees and throws the driver side door open, pulling the women out in the process.

Unfortunately a police car was a couple cars down from the one he had just stolen and quickly chased after him. After hours of driving in complex patterns Hobi manages to lose them.

Hobi starts to make his way toward the bank while thinking of plans as to which to get out of there safely. By the time he had decided on one he had arrived at the destination.

He quickly pulls on a mask and makes his way inside, initiating the robbery. Within ten minutes he had the $50,000 and was on his way to JOON.

The police had found him not long after due to his suspicious driving and reckless behavior. They had tried to get him to stop by shooting at him and trying to block him in. They continued to shoot at his car while chasing him down the highway causing the two back wheels to burst. Hobi grabs the money and makes a break for it, the gun fire never stopping.

Hobi runs at his fastest speed, but the cars start to surround him and the gun fire becomes thicker, his health rapidly decreasing.


*Due to reckless behavior your selected character has failed*


*please select a new character*

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