gameplay; try #4

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character SUGA was chosen

*Remember to try and pass the mission assigned during gameplay. Failing a mission or harming your character in anyway will cause an immediate termination of the round*


Suga walks forward as he tries to take in his surroundings. A sudden buzz causes him to stop in place as he pulls out his phone which is now flashing due to a mission alert.

steal 10kg of cocaine. use your gun if necessary.

Suga sighs as he puts away his phone. The message was short but it got straight to the point and it described his personality more then he would like to admit.

He was the "I don't give a shit, I don't give a fuck" personality and he couldn't be happier with it. It told people the he wasn't one to mess around with their bullshit and to hurry up and get to he point.

He couldn't help but think the mission was a little too easy as he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the driver of a random car. The driver immediately jumped out and Suga took the car, speeding into downtown where all the drugs were.

He got out of his car slyly and hid his gun in the back of his pants before running toward the back of a nearby club.

He kicked the door down and pushed his way through the crowd toward the back rooms. He pulled his gun from his pants and readied it as he pushed open a random door.

inside the room was about 3 people, all gathered around a table. They all were taking some type of drug, all different from the other.

"Hey! give me a bag of cocaine or I'm blowing all of your heads off!"

They look up at Suga in a daze, not a single person grasping what he was saying. For all they knew he was an undercover police officer.

The woman grabs a bag from beside her and holds it out shakily toward Suga. He turned his back to the other two to grab the bag, but they had decided to attack him when he was most weak which was unfortunately right in this moment.

They shove a needle containing a lethal amount of heroine into his neck and inject the drug into his blood stream.

Suga screams and falls to the floor all the while cursing his idiocy.

His health level drops at a slow rate, the burning sensation filling his entire body as he begins to twitch.

He shakily raises the gun to his head and shoots.

His health drops dramatically.


*Due to reckless behavior your selected character has failed*


*please select a new character*

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