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It had been months since the boys had met and had begun to hang out with each other, and things were going perfect for them.

They were closer then they had ever been before.

Mr. Cooper laughs as he walks by the seven boys, his head shaking in fake awe. He climbs the stairs to his bed room and quickly locks the door once he enters.

He looks at himself on the mirror, the gunshot scar on his shoulder slightly visible. He picks up his phone and dials a familiar number.

"PD! Hey it's Jooheon. Our previous plan didn't work so I've got another. Can you help me out?"

Within minutes yet another plan was formed for Mr.Coopers sick intrests.

Yet again the boys were unknowing sheeps waiting for the taking by the big bad wolf.

They were in for yet another round of an unamusing game.

[+] END

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