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Jin smiled as he walked toward his boss, the word COMPLETED running through his brain. He smiled sickly as his boss began to smirk.

Jin knew what was coming and he hoped the others could figure it out soon enough as well.

"Jin, you haven't been taking the pills have you?" his boss questions as he puts his large hand on top of Jin's wide shoulders.

Jin looks his boss in the eye as he responds coldly, "No i haven't Mr. Cooper."

Jin knew the consequences for his actions just as he was beginning to learn more and more about the situation he and the others were currently in.

"You know the rules Jin. The pills are to keep you in line, to ensure you fail. Without them it could cause everything we have built to crumble instantly. You wouldn't want that now would you?"

Jin smirks as he spits directly in Mr. Cooper's face. The said man wipes the spit from his face before smacking Jin across the face, hard.

"You came to me Jin. Remember that."

With one swift movement Mr.Cooper pulls his gun from the holster and points it at Jin, the said boy tenses.

"If you can't follow the rules then you are to be terminated. Immediately."

Two loud bangs fill the air followed by a muddled thud not to long after. The air becomes still as the smell of blood seeps into the nose of the only man standing.

"It's a real shame things had to be this way."

He smiles sickly as he walks away from the scene, the gun being tossed behind him in a lazy manner.

"Always expect the unexpected."

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