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After they left the adoption center Alexandria took sonic home. She put him in his crib for a nap but as she began to walk away she heard sonic say something. "Mommy do I have to take a nappy​?" Alexandria then walks over to him. "Yes sonic, I have a babysitter coming to watch you later." Sonic squealed with delight. Sonic loved being babysat, the babysitter's were always fun to play with. "That's right Sonic, miss Vanilla will be babysitting you buddy." Sonic smiled."Miss Vanilla is my favorite!" Alexandria then turned to leave. "Wait mommy? Why will you be weaving me?" Alexandria smiled and walked over to him. "I need to take care of some business with Daddy alright? I will be back." Sonic nodded. Of course she would.

About an hour passed and Vanilla arrived. Vanilla sat down. Alexandria did the same while sonic sat on the floor playing with one of his many toy cars. "Alright, you know where everything is right? First aid kit, bathroom, diapers, phone. Allergies." Vanilla nodded. "Great!" Alexandria stood up then and put on a coat and grabbed her purse. "If you have any questions call me." Vanilla nodded and Alexandria walked to the door. "Bye sonic, see you tonight." She said. "Bye bye mommy!" Sonic waved as she stepped out of the house.

Vanilla looked at Sonic. "How are you doing little guy?" She said warmly. Sonic smiled shyly and then crawled over to the TV. "May we watch some TV pwease?" Vanilla nodded and put on some cartoons for him. "Hey buddy, are you hungry?" She asked him. Sonic nodded. Alright, how about I make you some apple sauce and warm milk?" Sonic nodded in agreement. Vanilla nodded and went to the kitchen to make him some food.

Time passed and everything was ready so she went to pick up sonic. She put him in his high chair and got him a bib. She then put the apple sauce and warm milk in front of him."Eat up little fella, and then maybe we can go to the park." "The park!" Sonic's eyes lit up with excitement. Sonic quickly ate and drank while Vanilla prepared an outfit for him to wear. She went in to see him sitting there twiddling his fingers. Vanilla picked him up, helped him dress, and then she got a stroller which she put him in. "Ready to go?" Sonic nodded. So they set off for the park.

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