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If you want spoilers , read this chapter for the ending .

If you can actually tolerate the burning desire to spoil yourself for the ending , skip this chapter and proceed to the next .

Got a question for me ?
Answers from me is at the bottom of this chapter if you are confused .

Got a question for me ?Answers from me is at the bottom of this chapter if you are confused

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Narrator's Pov

The two stood on opposite ends of the street , forcing out a smile while anticipating for the green man to start flashing . When the colour changed , both of them took a courageous step forward towards one another until they met in the middle of the street .

The boy looked at the girl longingly , touching her now beautiful long dirty peach hair that he absolutely loved  . It all felt almost too overwhelming with his emotions flowing through every single vein of his ; he knew that they were meant to be since birth and nothing could stop him from seeing her .

His eyes were fixed on hers .

"I have said it before havent i ? I never break any of my promises .  I'll definitely be back before Christmas ."  He leaned in towards the girl , giving her a tight hug as a sense of nostalgia of him doing the same action one year ago before he left came haunting him . The image of a bubbly girl crying hysterically broke his heart , but he knew he was back now to mend her broken heart and fill it with his unconditional love for her .

"Look at you ! Your hair grew back to its original length and the colour suits you so much !" He pointed out and the girl nodded , stroking his cheeks while being mesmerized by his good looks that seemed almost ethereal.

"Taehyung... i did it . I visited you everyday and you were the longest passenger on my train of thoughts . "  The girl finally let out a small smile before tears welled up in her eyes — something that happens often whenever she missed him .

But this time it was a different situation .

Her tears were not because of her being lovesick and sad , but instead , it was tears of joy and relief .

Because her longest passenger was now back by her side and she couldnt wait to continue her lifelong journey with him on the same train like never before .

The End



Please dont be confused fam !! I'll break it all down for you since the format of this book is hella confusing .

Ending spoiler :-)
• Chapt 1 - 4 —> full length
• Chapt 5 - 9 —> Chat dialogues
• Chapt 10 —> Special (full)
• Chapt 11- 14 —> Chat dialogues


What is the meaning behind this confusing formatting?!
I cant decide if i wanted to write a full length book or just a short one , so i ended up with a fusion of both formats together . Also , many said that they loved how i wrote chat dialogues that are unique , so i ended up with this .

Why is the ending the first chapter ?
I wanted to give yall a preview of what i have in store for this book , and also to make it different from the others !

Why christmas ?
I wanted this book to be a christmas special as my gift for my readers for 2017!

Why Taehyung ?
Fam im sorry but he's my favourite , im biasednshwjsnn . BASH ME BABY AND HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT

How did you think of this idea ?
I saw the quote and i thought about the plot in class .IM GREAT AT MULTI TASKING ;)

Are you going to work on more short or long stories?
It depends , really . When i want to publish a new book and have limited time ( eg nearing exam dates ) , I'll likely write a short one .

Last work of 2017

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