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Somin 's POV

"Tae... I .. i don't know ..."

"If i could really let you go ."

I said inbetween sobs .

It was like a drama between the two of us — he was the staring main male lead and i was the female . Both of us stood outside of the airport with his baggages on the ground while staring at each other .

This time , his eyes were getting red as he wiped off his tears with his left sleeve . " I ... i think i wanna go back . I dont think i can do this either ." He admitted , throwing himself towards me while i patted his back , planting even more kisses on his left and right cheeks , ignoring the fact that there might be lipstick stains all over .

"Pumpkin , im scared."

"Dont be... i will always root for you . Go on.." I forced out the words from my mouth despite me not wanting this to happen . I knew that if my heart softens now , Taehyung wouldnt even hesistate to halt and ditch his plans .

He just needed a little encouragement to push himself to walk into the airport for baggage check before taking his seat on the airplane to Australia .

I know , i know ... i know he wants to pursue photography . It has been his passion since young .
Just let him go for now , Somin ... i thought .

"Somin..." he sobbed even harder as i felt my shirt getting wetter by the moment .

"We have been together for 3 years , i know this is a big thing for the both of us but like you have said before , we will be in touch all the time , no matter where we are ." I assured him , patting his back while calming him down .

"I will miss you so much . Fuck , i miss you already ." He let out a curseword as it rolled off his tongue so naturally .

"I cant say i dont feel the same way , can i ? But we need to be strong for each other . Its okay — I'll be here in your heart." I let out a bitter smile before placing my palm on his chest , feeling his heart beat .

Bystanders were looking at us weirdly since we were acting as if it was the end of the world for the both of us but screw the judgements — they dont understand us like how we understand each other . This was a major hurdle that could make or break our relationship . This was the real deal .

I held onto his hand and half-heartedly brought him near the entrance of the check in area and he looked at me with puppy eyes , still alittle red from earlier on .

"This is it Tae." I muttered under my breath , but it was audible enough for him to hear .

"Yep this is it pumpkin ." He replied .

"Promise to be back before Christmas?" I tried to sound excited for him but at this point of time — i have already given up . He knew how i feel .

"Promise to be there... for me when i arrive back in Seoul?" He asked me , choking on his words .

"In a heartbeat ."

And that was it — he turned around , dragging onto his belongings after entering the check in area , leaving me standing alone at the back , waving back at him while crying like an ugly duckling .

When he waved me a final goodbye , my heart sank .

He left .

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